Why ZOA’s Mort Klein Might Be America’s Most Important Jew

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is, “What organizations should people donate to?” Without hesitation, my answer always includes The Zionist Organization of America. One of the reasons the organization gets my support is its leader, Morton A. Klein.

Cindy Grosz with Mort Klein, Hon. John Bolton and Dr. Joe Frager

Mort Klein has a vision, from which he never deviates from. ZOA and Klein are at the forefront of fighting anti-Israel and anti-Semitic words and actions everywhere. I am not going to regurgitate all the historic events and international public figures Klein has made headlines with. Who could forget when Yasser Arafat threatened him, or how Mort Klein made a Jerusalem Embassy a discussion way before President Trump and Ambassador David Friedman made it a reality?

I want to delve into the issues most other groups either “water down” so that they don’t offend potential donors, or simply ignore a topic that is not “sexy” enough. ZOA and Klein address them.

Need proof, when Quantico debuted on ABC in 2016 defaming Israel and Israel Defense Forces, ZOA, with Klein and one of its attorneys, Elizabeth Berney, were the first demand apologies and actions from ABC and its production company.

ZOA is at the forefront of fighting the Jewish and Zionist hate in every aspect of education. From discrimination against students, staff and parents, textbook and classroom bias, factually inaccurate information, safety, school choice and vouchers. Every move that Linda Sarsour makes, ZOA documents, shares with its members and fights.

As more college Hillels are losing the battles to fight Israel hate, ZOA Campus offers unique opportunities in teaching students how to fight BDS, advocate for Israel, sponsor gatherings and guest speakers and offer paid campus fellowships, summer internships, lobbying trips to Washington DC, and missions to Israel. The ZOA float at the annual Israeli Day Parade is always filled with students. Each year, ZOA recognizes student achievement with the Myron Zimmerman Award for Israel Activism. As a Jewish mother, I encourage college students to engage in ZOA activities because they never know who will become a possible friend, coworker, or even shidduch as a spouse.

On a personal note, I have had the pleasure of watching Mort Klein in action, and consider him a mentor. I think I shocked Mort with my ability to gather over 800 people for a lecture about the Iran Nuclear Deal in 2015, right before the vote. He also never forgets if someone lets him down, like I did once, even when the circumstances were beyond my control.

It’s that trait, of dedication to perfection, that makes Klein so successful, yet the target of jealousy.

Let people be jealous, they would trade places with Mort Klein any day. ZOA has an amazing staff. While ZOA’s headquarters are located in Manhattan, the organization boasts strong branches in Philadelphia, Florida and throughout the country. It’s new NY Metro Team just hosted a successful kickoff event. Mort Klein is also probably the most quoted Jewish organization leader today, especially in the mainstream outlets.

Other Differences

As a Zionist organization, ZOA attracts Jews, Christians and even Moslem Zionists. As a Jewish organization, it welcomes all affiliations and both Sephardic and Askenaski Jews, while hosting kosher events and respecting Jewish holidays.

ZOA is a non-profit. It welcomes discussion and actions by both sides of the political spectrum. During my last visit to DC, we were welcomed into the offices of Congressman Josh Gottheimer, Congresswomen Kathleen Rice and Grace Meng, and Senators Ben Cardin and Chuck Schumer among others.


I go to a lot of galas. Personally, this is my favorite, except for the ones I co-chair. I compare it to Fashion’s Met Gala or Vanity Fair’s Oscar Night party for the political world. I am sharing the information in hopes you can join me and thank me later.

ZOA’s Justice Louis D. Brandeis Award Dinner 2018 will be on a new date and at a new location, taking place on November 4, at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, NYC. The event will begin with a glatt kosher buffet reception at 4:30 P.M., followed by a glatt kosher gourmet dinner at 6 P.M., and a dessert reception after dinner.

The ZOA Gala will be featuring the following honorees and presenters:

Mark Levin – Fox News Host & Radio Host, The Mark Levin Show
Ambassador Richard Grenell – U.S. Ambassador to Germany
Dr. Bob Shillman – World Class Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
Amb. John Bolton – United States National Security Advisor
Kimberly Guilfoyle – Gala Emcee, Co-Host Fox News, The Five

… and other surprise guests!

For more information, visit https://zoa.org/mission-events/annual-gala/

If you want to know who is standing with Judea and Samaria, fighting UNRWA, and providing new Jewish immigrants education and vocational training near Ashkelon, Israel, join ZOA and contact Morton Klein.

Another personal fact I can share that Klein is a proud husband, father and grandfather who speaks in a soft tone and huge smile about his family.

Cindy Grosz can be reached at cindyscorners@gmail.com

About the Author
Cindy Grosz is an accomplished activist for pro-Israel and Jewish interests. She writes about “Everything Jewish” and has appeared in multiple media outlets. She is a Contributor on The Jersey Joe Radio Show on WOR710AM, syndicated through iHeartRadio. Grosz is the author of Rubber Room Romance, Everything You Need to Know and Ask About the Education System. She can be reached at cindyscorners@gmail.com.
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