Will Hillary Clinton miss an Opportunity?

President Obama has already demonstrated that he does not understand the Middle East and that his moral GPS has “gone south” with regard to his recent statement to Iranian leaders stating that the fact that they are anti-semitic doesn’t preclude them from being rational. It is impossible to imagine President Obama making a similar statement about other flavors of racism. In fact it’s impossible to imagine any Western leader making such a statement.

It is also not reassuring that President Obama insists that the potential deal preventing a nuclear weapon from falling into terrorists hands via the dangerous regime in Iran will be under the “Obama Warranty” because it is branded with his name [“This deal will have my name on it, nobody has a bigger personal stake in making sure it delivers on its promise”]. An apology for bad judgment from a previous President, 11 years from now, will not help those that may be future victims of nuclear threat or worse. Frankly, this is not a brand when relating to middle eastern foreign policy decisions that inspires confidence at least based on policies regarding ISIS in Syria, Afganistan, Egypt and Iran, to name a few.

But then this is not about President Obama. It is about giving Hillary Clinton an opportunity to define herself as a world leader, a States Woman who has the courage and integrity to publicly and clearly distance herself from such irresponsible rhetoric and behavior. Ms. Clinton can be silent on President Obama’s statements which will speak volumes about her own integrity and leadership, or, she can be clear and articulate which will also speak volumes.

It is important that Ms. Clinton knows that saying nothing when a world leader minimizes anti semitism and makes meaningless guarantees about a critical nuclear threat is not benign; but rather evokes deep concern, a lack of confidence and “true colors.” I am waiting for a sign from Hillary Clinton that she can be a world leader who has a better understanding of the middle east, human nature and racism…no matter who the victims may be.

About the Author
I made Aliya to Israel in my early 20s. After working for two years as a Social Worker in Jaffa and Lod i moved to Kibbutz Kissufim with my wife where our first child was born. I served in the IDF as a Mental Health Officer and later Patrolling near the border with Egypt. Our family represented the United Kibbutz movement in New York for two years and then returned to our Kibbutz. We now live in the United States where I have worked in the field of mental health and as CEO of a Public Health Hospital.