Will Hillary Clinton repudiate Israel-hating Max Blumenthal?

I think it’s fair to say that even some of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters have a few qualms about her testy relationship with Israel, her confessed phone diatribes to Benjamin Netanyahu, and her constant bragging, including in this past Saturday night’s debate, about her vital role in the Iran nuclear agreement.

Hillary is running for president, and her recent forced email exposure provided disquieting revelations about whom she chooses as advisers on Israel, particularly her lifelong friend Sidney Blumenthal and his son Max, one of America’s most disturbed Israel haters.

Sidney was shown to be feeding Hillary a steady stream of far left anti-Israel articles while promoting a number of Max’s vitriolic anti-Semitic writings while she was Secretary of State. Hillary valued the vitriol of Max Blumenthal’s troubled anti-Israel mind so much that she forked over $120,000 a year to his father to keep the flow of information coming.

Mrs. Clinton’s emails praising Max’s work are more explosive.

Throughout this entire email scandal, both Max and his father have been silent. One might assume the Hillary campaign sees they have a Jeremiah Wright problem and have done everything to muzzle Max, who normally trolls pro-Israel writers like me all over the Internet.

In my recent column in The Huffington Post I publicized Max’s history of anti-Semitism, in particular his repeated comparisons of the Jewish state to the Nazis in his book “Goliath, Life and Loathing in Greater Israel.” The chapters in “Goliath” bear titles such as “The Concentration Camp,” “This Belongs to the White Man,” “How to Kill Goyim and Influence People” and “The Night of Broken Glass.” The book uses the well-known technique of hiding behind the quotes of others to say things he is too cowardly to say himself.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Wiesenthal Center, called Max someone “who conflates the Shoah [Holocaust] and Holocaust imagery with phantom Israeli crimes.” In the Wiesenthal’s Center’s 2013 list of worst anti-Semitic and anti-Israel quotes, Max received ninth place, in part for having quoted “approvingly characterizations of Israeli soldiers as “Judeo-Nazis.”

Is this really the man that Hillary was secretly turning to for advice on Israel?

In a letter to the Huffington Post designed to intimidate me with a veiled threat of libel, Max denied the Nazi comparison. He demanded that my column be removed. To its great credit, the Post refused. Max’s writing are so suffused with Israelis-as-Nazis motifs that denial is an impossibility.

Here are some quotes from his book. “A Nazi-like mentality also exists in our country…” “That says a great deal about the Nazi mentality that is dominant here…” “In modern day Israel, the African refugee occupied a similar role as the devious Jew in Weimar-era Nazi propaganda…” “There are Judeo-Nazis…” Max went on to compare the Israeli army’s elite Sayeret Matkal unit to the “Nazi SS.”

Furthermore, in an October 17, 2013, interview at the University of Pennsylvania with Ian Lustick, Max essentially called for the dismantling of Jewish Israel.

The interview said, “The last chapter [of Goliath]… is the exodus, which you could infer, if you were me, a call for ‘the end of Jewish collective life’ in the land of Israel. Is that your conclusion?”

Max responded, “Zionism as a philosophy…is a failed project…” He continued, “These are Israelis who are attracted to Europe, who do not feel that they are a part of the Arab world…There should be a choice placed to the settler-colonial population” (a term Max uses to describe all Israelis): “You become indigenized” and “have to be willing to be a part of the Arab world.” Or else you have to leave. He adds, “This choice needs to be placed to the Israeli Jewish population and it can only be placed to them through external pressure, the kind of pressure that the BDS movement is exerting.”

Max’s book was featured on David Duke’s racist, anti-Semitic website, as well as on the Neo-Nazi website Stormfront and the anti-Semitic website Electronic Intifada.

Sidney Blumenthal sent Hillary a November 2010 blog post written by his son where Max attempts to equate the views and policies of far right Dutch politician Geert Wilders with Israel’s. Max goes so far as to claim that Wilders learned from living in Israel, and formulated his views as a result of that experience. “While some critics see Israel as a racist apartheid state, people like Wilders see Israel as a racist apartheid state — and they like it,” he wrote, and continued, “They richly enjoy when Israel mows down Arab Muslims by the dozens and tells the world to go to hell; they admire Israel’s settler culture.”

Max also writes, “Most of all, they yearn to live in a land like Israel that privileges its ethnic majority above all others to the point that it systematically humiliates and dispossesses the swarthy racial outclass.” He adds, “The endgame of the far-right is to make Europe less tolerant and more Israeli.”

What was Hillary’s secret response to this racist, anti-Israel tirade, later revealed in the email dump? She writes, “A very smart piece — as usual.”

Hillary’s emails also show that before her March 2010 speech to AIPAC, Blumenthal sent Hillary a column written by Uri Avnery claiming Israel was pursuing goals contrary to the United States’ interests while “starting a rebellion” against the United States.

Hillary’s response to Blumenthal’s conspiracy theory was “I have to speak to AIPAC tomorrow. How — and should I — use this?”

Blumenthal responds that with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Hillary should “Hold Bibi’s feet to the fire.” Blumenthal also recommended that Hillary try to mention the George Soros-funded Israel organization J Street, which is fiercely critical of the Jewish state, in a positive light.

Blumenthal tells Hillary to “remind [AIPAC] in as subtle but also direct a way as you can that it does not have a monopoly over American Jewish opinion. Bibi is stage managing US Jewish organizations (and neocons, and the religious right, and whomever else he can muster) against the administration. AIPAC itself has become an organ of the Israeli right, specifically Likud.”

Holding Netanyahu’s feet to the fire, advocating for J Street, and courting favor with AIPAC while simultaneously viewing it as a conspiracy organization being wielded against the interests of the United States. These are the musings of Hillary Clinton as she considers American policy toward Israel.

It is now time to demand that Hillary repudiate Max Blumenthal, arguably the foremost Jewish hater of Israel in all America. The person who would be best served by that advice is Hillary herself. I cannot believe that she shares in any way the disgusting, Israel-hating, Nazi-comparing beliefs of Blumenthal. So why should a good woman be tarnished by his stench?

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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is the founder of This World: The Values Network. He is the author of Judaism for Everyone and 30 other books, including his most recent, Kosher Lust. Follow him on Twitter@RabbiShmuley
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