Will Justice Clarence Thomas finally regain his voice?

Three times during the last three decades, left-liberal extremists and their fellow travelers in Congress have pulled out all the stops in their ugly attempts to disqualify superb conservative Supreme Court nominees from ascending to the bench. The first targeted nominee was the eminent Judge Robert Bork. The second was the no less qualified African American Clarence Thomas, and the third none other than Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.

The tactics deployed by the rabid progressive left have only grown more disgusting with the passage of time. In this the left has been aided and abetted by the virtual monopolization of the mainstream media, academia, and entertainment industry through stifling, politically correct speech censorship.

Hence it would stand to reason that the worse the sociopolitical climate becomes the harder it would be for America to get a president who is prepared to combat such vicious ideological violence. And, by extension, it would become virtually impossible for any right-of-center candidate to ascend to the Supreme Court.

The stranglehold on media, entertainment and education enjoyed by the progressive left has reached such an extreme, one might despair of any possibility for reasonable debate and free speech ever reclaiming their rightful place at the center of American democratic behavior.

The stories of families torn apart, of disinvited guests, of Facebook friendships canceled (indeed, in full disclosure, my own daughter has cancelled our Facebook connection, thereby depriving herself of information regarding so much of what is happening in our family) are by now a commonplace.

Civilized discourse and respect for the opinions of others have been effectively erased. In America the vox populi has been cowed into a whisper, while in Europe (and to a lesser degree in the US) massive funding by George Soros attempts to silence the growing populism and disenchantment with the ethnic neutering being perpetrated by a faceless German-driven EU bureaucracy.

And yet, remarkably, human nature will have its way, and ordinary people will find their voice. The efforts of the media notwithstanding, many – if not most – Americans are quite savvy to what is going down. They made themselves heard very clearly during the last presidential election. What’s more, the trend vis a vis conservative Supreme Court nominees has actually improved since Judge Bork’s candidacy was destroyed (resulting in the neologism “to get Borked”).

For while Bork was stopped, Clarence Thomas was not. Justice Thomas has been on the bench for 18 years. Yet he took up his position while under a dirty shower and continuing cloud. As a consequence, he has opted to be a mute Justice whose voice, tragically, is never heard.

And now we have our newest Justice, Brett M. Kavanaugh, who was subjected to the most disgusting attacks of all. Despite a flawless professional and personal record, and despite having been vetted six (now seven) times by the FBI, the nefarious forces of the left announced – the moment he was nominated – that he would never get the job. Nevertheless, neither the grueling grilling of Democrat members of the Senate Judicial Committee, nor the vile interruptions of hired, screeching thugettes in the gallery, were sufficient to derail Judge Kavanaugh’s express run to the top court.

With the failure of its assassination efforts in sight, the left pulled out its “in case of emergency only” trump card; a letter accusing Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting another teenager at a high school party in 1982, or approximately 1982, at a location that could not be recalled, and mentioning witnesses who had no recollection of any such event or behavior.

Had this letter by one Dr. Christine Blasey Ford contained any verifiable and actionable information there is no doubt Senator Diane Feinstein – the recipient of this missive – would have introduced it at the very onset of the hearings, thereby cauterizing Judge Kavanaugh’s candidacy at the starting gate and bringing the hearings to an abrupt end.

It speaks volumes that Mrs. Feinstein withheld the letter until it was clear that her anti-nomination gang needed a hail Mary pass (Hail Mary: a very long, typically unsuccessful pass made in a desperate attempt to score late in the game) if there was to be any chance of successfully savaging Judge Kavanaugh’s candidacy, reputation, and family.

During the six weeks that she held on to the letter, Senator Feinstein interviewed Judge Kavanaugh several times, never once hinting at the existence of such an epistle. What’s more, Feinstein used that time to recruit lawyers of her choosing – lawyers with a history of extreme left agitation – to represent, train, coach and ready Dr. Blasey Ford for her appearance before the Senate Judicial Committee. And all the while, Dr. Blasey Ford never thought to ask how these attorneys were being paid. Such legal representation is expensive indeed – certainly unaffordable to an untenured college lecturer. It strains credulity to believe she never asked  who was footing the bill or how they expected to get compensated.

These preparations included instructing the accuser to lie about her ignorance of lie detector techniques, to lie about her fear of flying, to deflect her close connection – by friendships, blood and ideology – to extreme left-liberal parties, and quite possibly to speak in that simpering, shivering, frightened little girl style. Surely Dr. Blasey Ford does not use this voice when teaching statistics to a class of university psychology students, or when sharing coffee with her fellow professors. If she did they would most likely offer her a lollipop, pat her on the head and call her mommy to drive her home – something she should have done 36 years ago, in which case she might recall how she made it back home from such an indelible trauma.

Being the gentlemen they are, or perhaps because they did not wish to be accused of being a bunch of old white men ganging up on a helpless female (so much for the advances of feminism) the Republican members of the Judicial Committee stood down while Blasey Ford was interviewed. Instead they abdicated their role to a mild-mannered, unknown female sex crimes prosecutor, who essentially provided an open platform to the victim of an alleged high school misdemeanor perpetrated by another high school student 36 years ago.

Exploiting this opportunity for all its worth, Dr. Blasey Ford came off as a still traumatized pre-pubescent, and America fell for her act. Almost.

Then it was Judge Kavanaugh’s turn. He behaved exactly as any man in his situation would behave; any man with an unblemished record who has been wrongly accused of sexual violence, and is having his life shredded in front of an audience of 300 million Americans.

Unlike Dr. Blasey Ford, Judge Kavanaugh was not being questioned by a mild mannered, hired shill and a cheerleading squad comprised of Democrat solons. No, he was relentlessly badgered by a slate of merciless senators who had already drawn their conclusions and were there not to question him but to hang him.

This team of would be Democrat executioners included the shameless Diane Feinstein whose behavior throughout the nomination process was a string of lies and malfeasance; Senator Richard Blumenthal, a known liar who claimed to be a Viet Nam hero, when he had never set foot in that country; and Corey Booker who admitted to having himself engaged in sexual misconduct, and who – for political expedience – has notoriously backstabbed the supporters who helped launch and shape his political career in the first place.

Judge Kavanaugh, with nothing more to lose, came out with both fists swinging and was, understandably, highly emotional.

With the failure of their sexual misconduct hail Mary pass, the Democrat firing squad still had one last bullet – the judicial temperament card – arguing that Kavanaugh’s behavior at the final Judiciary Committee session was unbecoming for a Supreme Court nominee. Unbecoming indeed; here he was stripped naked, eviscerated, drawn and quartered, bleeding like a stuck pig and his behavior was ‘unbecoming’. One wonders how he was able to control himself as well as he did.

Yet now, after all is said and done, Judge Kavanaugh has become Justice Kavanaugh arguably the best qualified justice on the bench – certainly more qualified that Justice Sotomayor whose primary qualification was her genuine Puerto Rican genealogy (unlike Senator Warren’s faux Indian roots, and Senator Blumenthal’s faked claim to Viet Nam heroism). Indeed Justice Kavanaugh has the history, the education, the judicial record, and the approbation of every single person he has every worked with, for, under or above – male and female alike.

Having been the third conservative target since Bork to find himself in the crosshairs of leftwing judicial assassins, it is unlikely that Justice Kavanaugh will choose to emulate the misleadingly obsequious silence of Justice Thomas. What’s more, we may be cautiously optimistic that Justice Thomas will finally feel free to emerge from his robing room and allow us to hear his self-silenced voice in full throat after all these long years. Because it is now abundantly clear to any fair-minded American that his attempted Borking, like Justice Kavanaugh’s, had no basis in fact, and was driven by pure, unmitigated malevolence.

Hence today’s Supreme Court is not just one with a conservative majority, but one in which two powerful voices may be unleashed at once, and for a very long time into the future; the voices of Justices Thomas and Kavanaugh.

This is monumentally significant. Because the stranglehold of the progressive, politically correct, throat stomping triad of media, entertainment and academia may finally begin to unravel as America’s leading jurists reaffirm clarity, reason, free speech, and adherence to the letter and spirit of the US Constitution. In other words, finally there is hope.

About the Author
J.J Gross is a veteran creative director and copywriter, who made aliyah in 2007 from New York. He is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a lifelong student of Bible and Talmud. He is also the son of Holocaust survivors from Hungary and Slovakia.