Cookie Schwaeber-Issan
Cookie Schwaeber-Issan

Will Somebody Please Tell Us The Truth

As every morning, today I turned on the news to get caught up on what’s been going on.  So you can imagine my response when rather than hearing the latest stories and events, I, instead, heard the discovery of lies which had come to light in the past few days over each and every report  which was being covered during the hour-long news program.

It started with the fact that no Isis-K member had been killed in the recent drone strike of Afghanistan.  Although numerous assurances were subsequently made by the military, stating that the actions had been warranted and even righteous, echoed by dozens of fawning news reporters who hailed the courage and bravery displayed in the operation, it was all a lie.  In truth, we were told that, in the end, no Isis-K terrorists had been killed but rather 10 civilians, 7 of whom were children.

The next story covered the open border crisis, which the U.S. administration has faithfully portrayed as a humanitarian effort to allow entrance to asylum seekers who are, supposedly, fleeing their war-torn countries or violent regimes.  A bit far from the truth, we learned that the vast majority of new arrivals are actually Haitians who flew to Latin American locations and then traveled the rest of the way by foot to reach the Del Rio port of entry in the hope of being given a better life filled with governmental incentives.  The already swelling numbers of 4-6,000 has grown to upwards of 11,000 with a further estimated 10,000 on the way.  While all this was bad enough, the true picture was no longer allowed to be aired as news cameras inside of drones were halted due to the excuse of security issues – yet another lie.

From there,  the news went on to the FDA’s pronouncement that the booster shot, or third vaccine, is not being recommended to most individuals since a lack of safety data still has not been provided in order to satisfy the agency’s concerns.  So has the public been lied to by those who have insisted that a third vaccine is crucial in order to stop the new fourth wave of Covid?  Are those pushing the booster somehow in possession of secret studies which have failed to reach the hands of the world’s most renowned drug approvers?

All these stories were followed by more disclosures of lies as it relates to the world of health, entertainment, big tech, media moguls and others.

Oddly enough, this morning was not a departure from the normal news cycle.  Each day, the flimsy facts, which make up so much of the day’s stories, are being disproved, outed and blasted for having been as far from the truth as possible, leaving the viewing public with the great question – is it even worth watching the news anymore since no one can rely on its veracity?

As the guardians of truth and substantiated reporting, those of us over 60 remember such lauded names as Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow, stalwarts who could be trusted upon to tell us the truth, no matter how ugly or how difficult.  They followed the facts or, at least, did their utmost to get the story right – such a departure from today.  Not only is the news carved up and molded in order to precisely fit into a specific narrative, but even when proven to be false, no one is reprimanded, held responsible or even mocked for lack of credibility.  Quite the opposite!  They gleefully continue on to the next day, pushing the new batch of lies, shaming whatever group of renegades doubts their word and press forward with their calculated agendas which somehow seem to always be false and hugely flawed with “misinformation.”

I’m sure that many, at this point, are asking the question, “Why has truth in news reporting become such an anomaly?” That’s the real question, because if an answer can be found, it might greatly help to understand why all of us are being subjected to a steady narrative of lies.

When considering the reasons, it could be a matter of power, money, political consideration, new social constructs that need propping up, a departure from conservative and traditional values, the desire to remake history or any other number of reasons, but always be sure to come back to power and money, because they are usually the first and foremost motivation.

The purveyors of these false stories, although day after day proven to be woefully mistaken about their facts or lack thereof, nonetheless, continue to collect hefty paychecks as they steadfastly peddle what they hope will never be overturned as nonsense.

Yet, here we are, being lied to about everything under the sun – some subjects of less importance but others hovering between life and death.  Many of us want to know the real truth surrounding the Covid virus.  Are there, in fact, other courses of treatment which will strengthen the immune system and keep us healthy and safe?  Are masks really effective or necessary?  Do they really keep out the deadly particles that cause infection? Why is discussion of so many of today’s controversial subjects frowned upon?  Why aren’t people allowed to hear the facts, make up their minds and come to their own conclusions?

One more important question.  Why are we given such little credit?  Between newscasters, politicians and global elites, the world’s populations are being fed only the stories shaped by them and expecting that we will find their facts compelling enough to believe their version. If questioned, as often is the case, we are labeled as “conspiracy theorists,” “agitators,” “extremists” or even worse.  Questioning the government has become tantamount to overthrowing the government when that is not the intent at all.  In short, we are beginning to feel as if we have to be kept in our place and accept what is being served up as news and commentary never to ask or inquire.

Have we really crossed the Rubicon into some kind of new, mindless order where grown adults no longer enjoy the freedom to think for themselves, employ common sense, logic and reason or even gut reaction?

The fear of losing one’s job, good name and privileges have been successful tools in the ultimate goal of compliance, but there are still those who, thankfully, are willing to expose the lies, uncover the real truth and broadcast it in order to make sure that accurate facts  prevail.  Those are the real heroes of our day, and the ones who are still worth watching and hearing. As an ordinary citizen, I remain grateful to them, their dedication to the truth and the risks they take in order to fulfill what is possibly today’s most dangerous profession of all – being the purveyors of honesty, candor, sincerity and integrity!

Each one of us should do whatever necessary to demand nothing less from those who purport to bring us the news of the day.  Staying silent is not a winning strategy.

Beyond that, once the news is reported, we must be permitted to examine it, discuss it, make sure it stands up to scrutiny, and not ever be afraid to challenge – not for the sake of argument but rather for the sake of real truth finding.  All of that constitutes the hallmark of a free democracy.

We are witnessing a daily and calculated spin of both truth and fact, which, in the end, exposes the very real agenda to remove our free democracies and replace them with a perceived new and improved society.  But to what end, because we know that lies usually are exposed.  But, until then, if you really want to know, always go back to power and money, because it’s usually the one news story that’s being hidden from the public!

About the Author
A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.