Rosanne Skopp
Rosanne Skopp

Will Trump Drop Out?

I don’t know.  He’s definitely on a suicide mission.  You don’t have to be a member of Mensa (which he’s clearly not) to see the insanity in his campaign.

He insults the mother of a dead soldier. What’s that all about anyway? Nothing is as revered in American lore as war heroes, especially those who’ve died on the battlefield. What was Trump thinking?  Or was he just not thinking?

But that shouldn’t surprise us.  In the beginning of his campaign (and I use that word with total lack of kevod) he insulted another war hero, from his own party (so to speak), John McCain.  John McCain’s imprisonment as a POW earned him no respect in Trumpspeak.  To me, the only place McCain lost respect was when he chose Palin to be his running mate, which cost him the election. But Trump, with his foot spurs, who was repeatedly, and dishonorably, granted exemptions from military service, has the absolute chutzpah to criticize McCain?  I know my war heroes when I see them.  Donald, you’re no war hero. And I do suspect the foot spurs were in your mouth!

And what’s with the Second Amendment?  Those of us who still mourn Yitzchak Rabin blame incitement and loose language for his murder. Words matter Donald.  They really do.  Just ask all the crazies out there.

Lest we forget, according to Donald, it’s really the press that’s out to cost him the election. They’re making up stuff.  They’re all one sided Hillary lovers.  He sure showed that guy with the physical handicap how he feels about the press.  A little ridicule at the expense of a crippled man. That was a good laugh. Did it really happen?  You betcha!

Don’t forget how Donald was abused by Megyn Kelly, she of “no talent” and lots of blood.

Not to mention all the cheating that’s going to be happening at the polls, despite the fact that we know it’s practically nonexistent. I really fear violence at some locations since Trump has instructed his supporters to watch and count. Sounds like encounters of the most unpleasant kinds.

And of course there’s the Mexican judge who’s really an American, not a Mexican, but please don’t confuse Donald with the facts.

We can go on and on. Of course we can.  There’s so much material.

The real question is why.  Why should a rich man (of course I only think he’s rich; I really don’t know) subject himself to total humiliation on a daily basis in order to be elected to an office for which he’s clearly completely unqualified? Does he even want to win?  What would he do if he did win? And what would happen to our country if he did win?  Not to mention Israel!

In the beginning I thought this was a Machiavellian scheme of the Clintons.  Sort of like the Mel Brooks show The Producers. Elevate a candidate who can’t possibly get elected so that, by default, Hillary wins.

Then I thought, no. I must be nuts.  Even Hillary and Donald couldn’t be that manipulative and that dishonest.

And then I started listening, really listening, to Hillary.  My feelings changed.  The more specious all the e-mail charges became, the more she earned by sympathy.  I’m someone of her generation (ok, a bit older) and, damn it all, I’m not too terrific with computers and cellphones either. I’d have taken the easiest way out with my emails too.  Who can really understand what hacking is?  Certainly not those of us who grew up in the days of manual typewriters and carbon paper.  Too much.

And then I thought about my granddaughters, all of them.  And how amazing it is that the chandeliers are rattling and soon the ceiling will crack, and what this will do for them.  For their self esteem.  For their dreams. In my parents’ generation a woman was almost always expected to be a homemaker, or a menial worker.  Perhaps a nurse or a teacher?  But a president?  Of the USA?  Never. But my granddaughters? Yes!

And I like what Hillary has to say. I can stand behind her campaign with integrity.  Sure she has a few cobwebs.  Who on earth doesn’t? As we recite all the al chets on Yom Kippur we remind ourselves of our many many mistakes in judgment and principle.  But that applies to each of us. To err is human. Hillary is human.  Donald is inhumane. Not normal.

I’m not kidding.  No normal person would self destruct in such a regular pattern.  Every few days there’s another incredible remark, followed by a defense, followed by an excuse, but never an apology. Ever notice?

So, I end where I began.  Will he drop out?  He can’t take the humiliation of defeat.  It would be unendurable for him.  He’s lined up his excuses, cheating at the polls, press unfavorable to him.  But he sees the writing on the wall.  I predict he will drop out before the election. Perhaps attributing it to foot spurs ?

What do you think?

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Rosanne Skopp is a wife, mother of four, grandmother of fourteen, and great-grandmother of three. She is a graduate of Rutgers University and travels back and forth between homes in New Jersey and Israel. She is currently writing a family history.