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Windows 10 Does Wonders on an $80 Tablet

The venerable operating system's newest update contains some big surprises
Illustrative photo of a Dell Latitude 10 tablet computer (CC BY-SA Intel_DE/Flickr)
Illustrative photo of a Dell Latitude 10 tablet computer (CC BY-SA Intel_DE/Flickr)

On my latest trip to the US, one big thought was in my mind — “What gadget do I buy?”

My Nexus 5 phone is a year old and doing fine. My Windows laptop does the job. Even my Chromebook isn’t even close to the end of its lifecycle. My Android tablet is new and lets me read the news while walking around the house.

Then my brother showed me his Windows smartphone. Those colorful squares on Windows 10 looked incredible on a 5 inch screen. I found my prey — let’s see Windows 10 on the cheapest possible tablet.

I bought an $80 Digiland tablet at Best Buy. 1GB of RAM, an old processor, a cheap plastic case and a screen resolution that was impressive 3 years ago. It came with Windows 8. Within days, I installed Windows 10.

The Big Windows 10 Moment

Would Windows 10 actually handle an $80 tablet? With 16GB, I could forget about gaming. But no one buys a Windows tablet for the games.

Test #1 – Could I surf the web? Absolutely, and fast.

Test #2 – Can I use Office 365? You bet. Works fine.

Test #3 – How does Windows 10 work? This is where Windows 10 shines. All of the cool features of Windows 10 are alive and kicking. I customized my $80 tablet in no time – even choosing purple as my emphasis color, just like on my i5 laptop. The touch screen responds fine. It’s not as fast as my better Android tablet, but is much better than expected.

Test #4 – Watching a movie on an airplane. Now this is the REAL test for any tablet. What is a tablet worth if you can’t watch a movie? An 8 inch tablet is much better for movies than a 7 inch tablet. Skipping around? Fine.

When you are shopping for a non-iOS tablet (ie, under $600!), Android is the logical choice. But if you prefer Windows, consider buying a cheap Windows tablet. Most of us only need a tablet for light use — watching clips, reading the news and surfing the web.

Windows 10 is a winner — on my laptop and now on my $80 tablet. It feels cheap, but works like a charm!

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Kenny Sahr is a startup marketing executive. His first startup, founded in 1996, was featured in Time Magazine and on 60 Minutes. Kenny moved to Israel from Miami, Florida. In his spare time, he is an avid music collector and traveler.
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