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Winds of Change in the Yezreel Valley

The Max Stern Academic College in northern Israel has some big plans for an area that has long been out of Israel's 'tech loop'
Carob trees surrounded by mustard plants in the Jezreel Valley (photo credit: Nati Shohat/Flash 90)
Carob trees surrounded by mustard plants in the Jezreel Valley (photo credit: Nati Shohat/Flash 90)

Located between the cities of Afula and Nazareth Yezreel Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Israel. Here, you can drive a car and enjoy the lovely scenery of plowed fields, tractors and crop dusters while having the gorgeous view of the green mountains around you.. These scenic roads were always peaceful, charming and spiritual.

The Max Stern Academic College was established in 1965 with the hope of bringing equality and inspiration to the people of the northern part of Israel by educating them and allowing for better career opportunities. logo for collegeThe people of this area were known to excel in everything they do, including providing the IDF with its best soldiers and top officers, as well as Hebrew workers for all sorts of blue-collar jobs (Avoda Ivrit) that the young State of Israel needed.

Today, new winds of inspiration and vision are blowing across the valley again; with the help of The Max Stern Academic College we can feel a rise of demand and supply for excellence in technology and innovation in the north.

The Max Stern Academic College serves a wide range of the population, distinguished both by its diversity, encompassing virtually the entire spectrum of Israeli Jewish and Arab societies and by its pressing desire for excellence in academic education.

עמק יזרעאל 2

Recently, a new Institute for Technology Empowerment has been inaugurating within The Max Stern Academic College.

The Institute for Technology Empowerment (ITE) is aimed at nurturing technological excellence within the Yezreel valley.

The various projects and programs housed at the Institute for Technology Empowerment include promoting entrepreneurship, creativity and team work. The ITE strives to become a unique place, combining academic values with accelerating technological and social entrepreneurship, for both graduates and youth from the local Jewish and Arab communities.

The institute head is Professor Opher Etzion (also head of the Information Systems Academic Department in the college from summer 2015), a worldwide expert on event processing and a veteran of the Israel high-tech industry.

The vision is of establishing technologically oriented community and top research within the northern part of Israel in order to strengthen careers, population spirit and entrepreneurship opportunities too. The “societal torch” the TEI carries by using technology and innovation toward goals such as tourism expansion, communication inside and between communities, elderly tech needs and the “green” world means better future to us all. The aim is to work closely with the surrounding community.


These days students accompanied by an international consultant’s team, work together with industry leaders, companies and pioneers from the Israeli valley on important advanced projects.

The TEI also work with the younger generation, these activities are lead by Sigal Magen, an artist and societal activist, who held senior positions in the Israeli High-Tech. One project is “Spark” enhancing the creative and entrepreneurial skills.

Another project is the “Yozmaton” (entrepreneurship and marathon combination)

Young school kids ages 16-17 Jews and Arabs will work in the summer to bring innovative ideas to our lives. The TEI carries a message of prosperity and common aspirations working together.

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To hear more of our plans and be a part by volunteering in our activities or contribute to the new and ongoing projects please write to we will be happy to meet and show you more of our beautiful college.

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Gadi Tishler previously worked for several years at Microsoft, and was living in Silicon Valley, today he lives in Israel.
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