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Winners see what they want. Losers see what they don’t want.

We have the second Moshiach opportunity (like after the 1967 war) to live in the Land that G-d promised us with  “The Deal of the Century”

I wasn’t in Israel in 1967 to see the miracles that G-d gave us.

Unfortunately, we were not ready for the miracles and we gave the Temple Mount to the Jordanians and we did not build the Temple.

Not enough Jews came home, we were guilty about our victory and we went from the underdogs to the abusers of the supposed Palestinians.

We are accused by the world of abusing the Palestinians and becoming the “New Nazis” and not giving them their own state like we have.

I grew up with Golda Meir teaching me that if the Arabs would lay down their guns, we would have peace, if we lay down our guns we would be dead!

Now thanks to the brilliance of Bibi, Ambassador Friedman and President Trump, there has been a new shifting of the game blame.

People were afraid that the “Deal of the Century” would force Israel to give away too much. We were waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well the shoe has dropped, and we haven’t given away anything.

We can now take the high ground. The supposed Palestinian People can have a state if they lay down their arms. Of course this can never happen. They are too stuck in their own ways (Like Pharaoh and the Jews in Egypt)  to give up wanting to kill us for their own future.

Overnight there is no green line. We are not opposing anyone. Give up your arms and recognize us and you will have your state.

So my right wing friends, don’t worry. It will not happen, and therefore we will keep the status quo, but we will have sovereignty in our country, and of course the Arabs won’t agree, because all they want is to murder us.

So don’t be stuck, my right wing friends. This is the deal of the Moshiach, we have made it. Bibi and Trump are not the Moshiach, but they have given us the ability to take the high road and let the BDS go whistle Dixie. Like the Settlements are now part of Israel, we are not holding anyone from proceeding on their own. We aren’t moving them, we let them be. If it was a justifiable world, we could have our own state without them, but this is reality.

We are not abusing anyone, we have the ability to live in our own land.

Please my friends don’t let the fact that everything is not perfect in the deal stop you from coming aboard.

Bibi fought for eight years against Obama from dismantling our precious and hard won state.

We owe him a debt of Gratitude that we made it to our opportunity that we have now.
Stand behind him in Gratitude. Vote for him so we can get this deal done. I was fooled into voting in the last election for parties that talk and can do nothing, but warn of a Palestinian state. I am fully aware of the danger. But this deal shows the Palestinians for the terrorists they are and now we are on the high moral ground.

I love it,  help me get aboard this wagon which will take us to Moshiach.

Love Yehuda Lave

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