Wishing United Hatzalah Chairman Eli Beer A Big Refuah Shleima


From Facebook at Roughly 7:30 PM March 18 Israel Time

Eli Beer Hatzalah

1 hr ·

I am writing with an unfortunate update. Eli Beer, who was scheduled to return to Israel, stayed in the United States to raise money to provide for the significantly increased demand for Hatzalah’s services in Israel during this crisis. He attended a Purim event in Miami, where many people became stricken with Covid-19.

Eli is now in a hospital in Miami, with a presumptive diagnosis of Covid-19 himself. He is now feeling ill with a fever, shortness of breath and general weakness. His vital signs are fine.

He is receiving truly outstanding treatment at the hospital — which is amplified by the care (medical and otherwise), leadership, and comprehensive concern being exercised by the United Hatzalah community in Miami. It might be a cliche to say that an organization is like a family — but the United Hatzalah community in Miami has shown how this cliche can be completely true.

In the meantime, please do not call Eli this week. He will inevitably try to engage — even when doing so may be painful, and he needs to rest under the care of the outstanding team that is looking out for him. B’H, Eli will be able to fully connect next week.

In the meantime, we’ll provide updates commensurate with developments.

Mark Gerson
Chairman, United Hatzalah of Israel

Name for prayers is :Eliezer Yehuda Ben Chaya

*    *    *     *    *    *

Shortly Thereafter Came Eli’s Response As Follows-

Eli Beer Hatzalah

27 mins ·

Thank you so much to everyone that has expressed concern for me. To be honest I am having a challenging time, I feel weak and not myself. I am not certain where I was exposed to this illness. I have a pneumonia, but I have not been confirmed with any specific virus or illness beyond that. There isn’t anyone that I can say may have led to me getting sick. I know there are many news reports and rumors out there, but please do not make any assumptions. Everyone is doing their best in a very difficult time. If anyone has been offended by news reports and rumors, I apologize. I will keep everyone updated as I receive more information. Right now I am thinking of the 6,000 volunteers of United Hatzalah who are working around the clock who are risking their own wellbeing to respond to the situation in Israel to help those in need.

*     *     *     *     *     *

On January 30, I wrote a Blog about how United Hatzalah helped me one morning in Shul and also pointed out that Alan Dershowitz sits on United Hatzalah’s International Board of Governors.

Alan Dershowitz came to President Trump’s rescue during the Impeachment trials just like Eli Beer and his whole organization are coming to the rescue of all people in Israel – Jews and non-Jews as well.

This is a volunteer organization that gets its funding from people like you and me. But what is important to stress is that they have now dedicated resources to keep all of us updated with the latest situation regarding  the Coronavirus. You can see the latest update on the following link-


I want to take this opportunity to wish Eliezer Yehudah Ben Chaya a Big Refuah Shleima and a Speedy Recovery.

And also the same good wishes go to anyone who is affected by this terrible virus.

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