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US tells Israel settlements serious issue
(The Jerusalem Post, September 28, 2023)

An interesting comment from a land that was stolen, forcibly, from its original inhabitants. The lands that now call themselves the United States were home to hundreds of nations of indigenous peoples. The incoming Europeans took over most of their land, with treaties made in bad faith and by force, using their superior weapons – guns against bows and arrows. To make their lives in this stolen land as easy as possible, the Europeans brought in a large number of slaves from Africa, blacks.

Now, these “settlers” have the temerity to tell us Israelis, living in a land given to us thousands of years ago, what we can and can’t do. They would do well to check their eyes, there may be some motes waiting to be cast out.

The USA has always been somewhat reticent in helping its friends. It was quite happy to watch Britain struggling against Nazi Germany for a couple of years before the Japanese made the mistake of bombing Pearl Harbour. The destruction of a few ships really upset the US and they declared war on Japan. It was now Germany’s turn to make a mistake, which they did by declaring war on the USA. If they had concentrated on destroying Europe, they might have got away with it. At the end of 1941 the US was, at last, fully engaged in the Second World War.

Without Germany’s and Japan’s mistakes, today’s world would be very different.
In the meantime, Israel is quietly building settlements, turning settlements into towns, and turning towns into cities. So, yes, settlements are a serious issue, but not in the way that the US sees them.

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