Jeremy Dery

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility

Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East, therefore, having elections are crucial. The elections symbolize the true essence of democracy. Having this special privilege of voting for one’s leading representative is extremely important but one must vote very carefully in the Middle East. Israel is about to face major obstacles in the international, political, and military arena with the forever changing Middle East. Israel must choose not a politician but a leader who can handle the massive burden of leading the key interests of the only Jewish state.

The Middle East is a powder keg waiting to explode. The Palestinians have decided to go to the International Criminal Court to label the Israeli army as war criminals. Hezbollah and Hamas are threatening Israel’s northern and southern borders. Al Qaeda and ISIS are in the Sinai threatening to launch rockets into Eilat. Iran is about to close a deal with the international world becoming a nuclear threshold country which would be the first Islamic radical country in the world with access to the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction. Syria is in chaos threatening the Golan along with the Jihadist presence.  Jordan is very unstable as well. To make matters worse, the European governments are championing boycotts and sanctions against Israel and the settlement community in Judea and Samaria due to lack of progress on the peace process. Our greatest ally in the world, the USA, is ruled, for the moment, with a president who is very hostile to our ruling prime minister and is conducting dangerous policies in the Middle East. The Middle East and the global community is very anti Israel and the stakes are at an all time high now for the next Israeli government.

There is also major domestic issues facing the average Israeli citizen as well. The cost of living is very high in Israel such as food prices and buying apartments let alone a house. People can not make ends meet with their jobs due to their average salaries which do not meet the challenges of surviving independently in Israel. A lot of Israelis are moving due to their depressive outlook on the country’s well being. There is still a huge gap between the rich and poor. The middle class is shrinking in Israel. There are still major monopolies controlling vast sections of the Israeli economy. Israelis feel very neglected and worn out by false promises of change which do not materialize while they work very hard to earn a living.

Only a strong right wing government can handle the internal and external pressures facing Israel. A vote for Likud will be able to strengthen Israel. Likud reduced the unemployment by 5.4% making Israel one of the lowest in the western world and among the OECD members. Likud provided free education from the age of three to five saving families hundreds of shekels per month. Likud expanded highway 6 and built tens of new roads and junctions, laid hundreds of kilometers of new train developing the infrastructure connecting the north and south of the country with the center. Likud has led the international battle against Islamic radicals while defending Israel against the multiple new threats facing all of Israel’s borders. The Likud will not negotiate with a Palestinian entity that refuses to acknowledge the basic right of the Jewish people to the land of Israel. The Likud has the experience, skills, and leadership management to overcome many of the obstacles facing Israel in the near future.

Voting in the upcoming 2015 election is crucial to the future of the state of Israel. The power comes with the ability to vote and the responsibility comes with the decision each individual makes to select the proper leader who will continue to guide Israel. The vote will once again show the world that Israel is a true democracy and that Israelis care about where their country is going. Israelis deserve change with their daily struggles but one must be careful with the Islamic menace looming over all Israel’s borders. Only a right wing government can bring long lasting changes internally while defending Israel from all external threats. Benjamin Netanyahu has the courage and determination to withstand global pressures and not  to cave in to international demands such as ceding land and releasing future terrorists. The Prime Minister must be backed with other right wing parties in order to ensure that his decisions will truly reflect the intentions and promises made by the right wing voters. Bibi needs a stable right wing coalition in order for  the new government to properly survive and conduct itself properly. May Israel continue to be strengthened and may the next leader be a beacon of light to the rest of the world.

About the Author
Jeremy has worked in the Knesset with the Likud minister Ayoob Kara. He has also promoted the Likud party during the recent elections. Jeremy has used social media tools in order to promote the Israeli agenda worldwide, particularly during various military operations in the past five years. Jeremy graduated from Tel Aviv University with a Masters degree in Conflict Resolution. He also assists various pro-Israel groups as a guest speaker discussing various issues relating to the peace process, the refugees, and how to be more active within Israeli political circles.