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WOKE Activism and the Tolerance of Anti-Semitism

The streets are on edge. People are walking on eggshells. A slight slip of the tongue can spark a firestorm of condemnation, accusation, demonization and punishment. Behold the world of today.

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, a hypervigilant mindset has seized control of the country. Racism is seen everywhere, from pancake syrup to Disney rides. Everyday there appears to be a new outrage, a new monstrous proof that proves that the United States is a deeply racist society.

While racism does exist in America, as it does in every country and within every society, this current frenzy to hunt down racists and racism has taken on a near cultish mentality. Instead of focusing on real acts of racism (destruction of property, physical violence, hate speech), these crusaders of social justice scour the country in search of the most mundane things to kvetch about. And kvetch do they do.

These people are full of a zealous passion that refuses to accept apologizes or repentance. Anything deemed to be offensive, no matter how innocuous, must be purged. Statues of former presidents? Tear them down. Conservatives who speak their mind? Silence them. Professors that refuse to bend to the will of the horde? Fire them. These fighters who claim to be fighting oppression are quickly becoming the new oppressors, ruthlessly enforcing their ideology on those around them.

It is curious, then, that these hypersensitive warriors fail to challenge the anti-Semitism that is currently oozing forth from within the United States. They claim to fight for justice and equality, yet they fail to fight against those that openly espouse hatred for the Jewish people. And this hypocritical take exposes them as the frauds that they are. They don’t care about making the country a better place, nor do they seek to help end racial discrimination wherever it truly manifests. No, instead they have become power hungry and simply want to punish those that disagree with hem.

Inklings of this sort of warped logic became noticeable when the Jews of Brooklyn found themselves continuously harassed and attacked last year. Jews were verbally harassed, and several people were assaulted simply for being Jewish. The near constant stream of incidents was truly alarming. Yet many within American society remained silent on the issue. The perpetually aggrieved and agitated voices we see decrying racism today were shockingly silent when the Jews of Brooklyn were being bombarded by anti-Semitism. They probably remained quiet because many of the perpetrators of these attacks originated from within the African American community. Coming to terms with the fact that African Americans are not immune to holding intolerant views must have been too difficult for them to confront.

So too do they remain silent today as celebrities and sports players share widely anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and musings. The actresses Chelsea Handler and Jessica Chastain praised and shared a video of Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam’s poisonous leader who openly praises Hitler and curses the Jewish people. Yet somehow this action was deemed acceptable, and no pushback has emerged. The mobs aren’t demanding these actresses be punished for helping spread the words of an utterly vile and despicable human being. Yet if roles were reversed and someone shared a video of a white pastor condemning this or that group, then these ‘social justice warriors’ would demand blood and punishment. But the populist rage never seems to rise up in defense of the Jews.

Ice Cube, an American rapper who made his mark in the industry during the 1990s, often shares and spreads disgusting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Has he been banned from social media? No. Has he been censored and shunned? Nope. Again, it seems perfectly acceptable to the bleeding hearts of America to tolerate anti-Jewish bigotry.

DeSean Jackson, an America footballer, recently shared musings that posited that Jews are frauds, and that African Americans are the true Israelites. This nonsensical view is widely held and disseminated by the Black Israelites, a fringe racist group that demonizes European Americans and Jews. Has DeSean Jackson been purged from the NFL? No. In fact, former NBA played Stephen Jackson jumped in to defend his views. Has Stephen Jackson been hounded by the mobs? Has either of these two men been fired or demonized? No. Not at all. And this repeated silence in the face of outright prejudice is setting a dangerous precedent that will eventually give way to worse offenses.

Racism is vile and should be confronted whenever it is encountered. But this battle must be undertaken when challenging actual racism. Searching out things to be offended by in order to win favorability with the angry masses in the streets is not solving anything. It is diverting energy and focus away from the real fight. The battles being waged now are largely ridiculous. Boxes of rice and butter, syrup containers, cartoon voice actors. These are trivial and don’t matter in the scheme of things. Yet they are waged with such passion and righteous indignation. But when examples of actual intolerance appear, these individuals stand in silence. Anti-Semitism is racism. It is just as toxic as anti-black racism. Yet this turning a blind eye when it comes to anti-Jewish behavior is intolerable. If Americans want to rise up and challenge bigotry, may Heaven bless them in their endeavors. But this campaign must be against all forms of hatred. Cherry-picking topics based on what is fashionable at the moment is deeply offensive and counterproductive. Either condemn all prejudices equally, or put down the megaphone.

Enough of this blatant hypocrisy. Enough is enough.

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