Wolf Blitzer shows the true colors of the media….

As I sit here in Southern Africa watching the various news channels on satellite TV this early Saturday morning, after much channel hopping, I homed in on Wolf Blitzer’s “The Situation Room”.

Wolf Blitzer
One mans terrorist is anothers …

Wolf with his “smurf” look is good camera fodder. He opens with  interviews and footage from Northern Iraq, and the US air strikes on the ISIS/ISIL positions. More than once he refers to the ISIL troops as terrorists. And terrorists they are, by any definition of sane and rational people. No problem here.

My problem with Mr Blitzer and his colleagues at CNN, is that they have never referred to Hamas as terrorists. Not in the past month, where I have had CNN on for up to 18 hours a day, the joy of being semi-retired. This could be because they have embedded a crew at a Gaza hotel, and might be threatened if they do? Or will they later, like France 24 and NDTV, suddenly pop the hood and show the donkey in place of the engine?

Dr Saeb Erekat
Opens with a blatant lie everytime.

Each time he interviews the Palestinian MP Saeb Erekat he allows blatant lies to go unchallenged. Tonight the good Doctor opened with “We don’t want rockets”, to which Wolf said……nothing. Just moved onto another line of questioning. Why not ask “If you don’t want rockets fired from Gaza, why do you allow it?”. No way… that would be far to blunt. Instead we allow Erekat to go on about the “demands” for the “humanitarian crisis in Gaza” to be addressed, and begging, literally begging, “Mr John Kerry” to please come back because he has “big influence in the region”. And then the blithering idiot starts harping on the “1967 lines”. And again Wolf carries on opens the door to more political trash to pop out of Erekat’s mouth. This is the same Erekat who less than a month ago, was outed in a leaked tape saying that Abbas was like Saddam and Assad, acting autocratically, against the wishes of his people who want a tougher stance on Israel, and that Bibi is “a war criminal” who’s “not worth a bullet”. And this is their Chief Negotiator?

Blitzer and his pals at CNN all seem to have a common failing. They allow the Palestinians from Mashal to Erekat to get live TV time to blatantly lie and try to appear as moderates, whilst churning out pre-rehearsed lies and disinformation. The interview last week with Mashal in his Qatari hotel had the most blatant lie of all – “Hamas does not use its people as human shields”, this despite numerous clips on Youtube tell the world exactly the opposite. And not one challenge by the interviewer!

I have compiled my own list of questions I would like definitive answers to, especially from the Arab spokespersons.

  • How can Israel accept any agreement that leaves Hamas in place, weaponised in Gaza, when this terror group has as its Charter the obliteration of Israel, and the genocide of every Jew?
  • How is it that the PA in Gaza, claims all 1800 dead are civilians, yet the demographics of the dead, and the IDF stats indicate at least 700 dead Hamas terrorists?
  • Do the Palestinians feel that Hamas firing rockets at Israel civilians would/should go unanswered by Israel?
  • Is Hamas/Islamic Jihad/[insert other terror group name!] prepared to amend its Charter to accept Israels right to exist and its right to absolute security of its borders and airspace, as well as the safety of its citizens and tourists?
  • What land was Palestinian autonomous land before 1967?
  • Are the Palestinians aware that Jordan ceded land to Israel 1988, and confirmed in their Peace Treaty and confirmed in the October 1994, which stated the border between Israel and Jordan follows the Jordan and Yarmouk Rivers, the Dead Sea, the Emek Ha’arva/Wadi Araba, and the Gulf of Aqaba?
  • In light of the above Treaty what is the Palestinian claim to the Westbank?
  • Do the Palestinians accept that the border between Israel and Egypt is South of Gaza?
  • In light of the above mentioned points, do the Palestinians accept that Gaza and the Westbank are part of Israel as recognised by Treaties with Jordan and Egypt?
  • Since Israels departure from Gaza in 2005,  the Palestinians have allowed terror groups set setup shop and terrorise Israel, whilst on Israeli soil. Are the Palestinians capable of ruling themselves in an autonomous fashion, leaving foreign affairs and defense to Israel?
Israel-Jordan 1994
Israel Jordan Treaty 1994

Now these are questions that  beg an answer. What gives the Palestinians the right to demand ANYTHING in the way of land based on 1967 lines. Existing borders are defined by not one, but two Arab neighboring countries, both of whom tried their level best to eliminate Israel in ’67 and ’73?

It is common cause that the Israeli government does not want its Jewish

Egypt - Israel Treaty
Egypt – Israel Treaty -1979

population out numbered by Arabs within the state of Israel. Israel conceded much in the way of economic and strategic value in the Sinai to obtain peace with Egypt in 1979, namely the Alma oil field, and its military outposts which provided a early warning system against attack from Egypt, 1,000 miles of roadways, homes, factories, hotels, health facilities and agricultural villages. 7000 Israeli citizens were forced from their homes by the IDF to clear the Sinai.

Clearly the supreme question that must be asked of the Palestinians – What are YOU as Palestinians prepared to sacrifice for peace?

In closing, I pray that HaShem take care of the innocents who find themselves in the middle of this renewed time of conflict at this troubling time. Shabbat Shalom.

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A trained Electrical Engineer (retired), student of philosophy, avid reader, News channel surfer, adherent of Sun-Tzu's "Art of War" as applicable to life in the 21st century. Resident in Southern Africa. World traveler. A supporter of the State of Israel, Christian believer of the Jews as G-ds Chosen People.
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