Women: Love Is Our Superpower

I feel sad when I keep hearing about “angry women voters.” I acknowledge that, as women, we’ve never been allowed to be angry. It was “not feminine” and “impolite.” But we are not a warring gender.

We need to be journeying together, as we build this new world. It’s an extraordinary time to be alive, and I believe that women will heal the world.                                                            

We instinctively know how to love. We embrace each other, heart to heart. While we each have our own unique journey, for centuries we’ve nurtured each other, shared secrets, held each other’s babies, taught them in classrooms, and fed the world.

It’s time to take back our birthright of the collective Divine Feminine. 

Warring is not our nature.    Love is. 

We can rise up and affect change in our own lives and in the world through what we do best. Love.    Love is our superpower.

We must restore, nurture ourselves, strengthen our spirit, and reclaim this power. Regardless of the election outcome, we have a responsibility to remain grounded, stay connected to one another, and envision a world built on a foundation of love. Take my hand, reach your hand out to the hand of another woman, and let’s move forward. 

Together, let’s nourish our souls as we play, pray, dance, sing, chant, meditate, paint, walk in nature, journal, exchange ideas, reclaim our inner Goddesses, and change the world with each step on our journey forward.

It’s not a Pollyanna, childish view, it’s what’s needed. Let’s express what we feel passionate about through acts of love instead of acts of war.

About the Author
Dr Terry Segal has a Ph.D. in Energy Medicine, and M.A. in Educational Psychology and Theater. She’s a Psychotherapist, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, public speaker, and author of the self-help book, "The Enchanted Journey: Finding the Key That Unlocks You" and women’s fiction novel, "Hidden Corners of My Heart." She writes the New Moon Meditations column for the Atlanta Jewish Times and is a mixed media artist.
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