Women’s March and Anti-Semitism

“I have only one thing to say about this Women’s March. As a Jew, I always wondered how the Germans didn’t oppose Hitler. The answer? He aligned the economic issues with Jew hatred so people confused the two. Blurring the lines between feminism and antisemitism? Same story again!” One simple tweet from Hillel Fuld and I couldn’t agree more. It’s absolutely mind-boggling to see theWomen’s March, an organization that supposedly denounces hatred and bigotry of all forms, refuse to accept that the Jewish people have a right to establish a state of their own in the land of Israel. Whether atheist, agnostic, Christain, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or Jewish, there’s one thing everyone acknowledges. It’s simply fact. That is that the Jewish people lived in the land of Israel prior to any Arab or European nation and that they are indeed native to the land.

The unfortunate reality is, the Jewish people are one of the most pressed nations in the world, and instead of supporting them, people of incredible power, like Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, refuse to stand up for the Jewish people. So thank you to them, and to all those “progressive feminists” and “social justice warriors” who agree with them and stand by them. You have blatantly told every Jew in America that they are not welcome.

Now more than ever, Jews all over the world, no matter their political views, have to come together to stand up for our people and our right to exist as a nation. The BDS movement is yet another attempt to not only delegitimize the State of Israel, but to delegitimize the Jewish people as a whole. Today, people from all over the world came together in England to pay their final respects and to bury the remains of six Kedoshim, who were killed by the Nazis for the crime of being Jewish. In their memory and in the memory of the six million other precious souls, men, women, and children who were indiscriminately killed, as well as in the memory of the millions of others throughout our history who were brutally murdered at the hands of anti-semites, we must stand up for our people and our land.

About the Author
Kyle Zaldin is a teenage Jewish writer from Thornhill, Ontario. Immersed in the Jewish Day School system since kindergarten at Associated Hebrew Schools, and now at TanenbaumCHAT, Jewish education has always been a big part of Kyle's life. A member of the NCSY Student Executive Board in Toronto, as well as the Aish Thornhill Community Shul, Kyle has continuously used his Jewish values to inspire others. Having grown up in a Conservative Shul until shortly after Bar Mitzvah, and later becoming more observant, he writes and delivers talks, speeches, and other Divrei Torah for Shul and other organizations with the goal of bringing the Jewish people together, regardless of levels of observance and prior knowledge.
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