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We are stronger together, let's unify our nation. taken by chana yehudis zahav in tel aviv 2017
We are stronger together, let's unify our nation. -taken by chana yehudis zahav in tel aviv 2017

Wars are fought with words.

People strike each other down and belittle the other until they are nothing

with words.

Lies are believed when they are spoken

with words.

Truth can be spoken with words but seldom is as truth requires forethought and words are often manufactured at a rate unheard of in the most productive factory and spit out as if they are harmless and not powerful entities that can explode like mini grenades sprinkled thoughtlessly around the world or flow and gain traction as waterfalls that flow into rivers that become unstoppable unimaginably powerful oceans of hate or love

depending on our words.

We can build up and we can break a soul into a million pieces

with words.

We can strip people of their right to live

with words.

We can cause the seeds of terror to grow in the hearts of the evil

with words.

We can encourage a spark of beautiful light to grow and flourish

and brighten the whole world

with words.

We can cause someone to decide they have no right or reason to live

with words.

What if we chose to speak a good word

on purpose

and that word bloomed into a nuclear cloud of goodness that enveloped our world with peace?

What if we chose to harness the power of this mighty beast to unify our people and create a bond so tightly woven between each and every one of us that nobody could break us even with the mightiest of missiles

with just



It struck me today how much words are being used to try and destroy our nation. What if that isn’t an accident? What if Hashem is speaking to us and if you don’t believe in Hashem then either way it is very interesting that words are one of the major swords being harnessed against our people right now all over the world.

As a merit for our people, the soldiers fighting to protect us, and all of the hostages, what if we each tried to watch our words for one hour a day? What if we can stop ourselves from saying a word that may cause damage (in more ways than one)  for even one second a day? And if nothing else, hopefully we will be able to bring unity to our people this way. Together we are stronger. Let’s use words to make that bond tighter between all of the Jewish people, on purpose. We only have each other.

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Grew up in Worcester MA and Nashville TN and made aliyah after completing college at UMD College Park in 2003 because she fell in love with Israel and its people. Spent over 10 years hosting very large shabbat meals in Jerusalem with her husband winning the award in 2016 for Host of the Year on Experienced 15 years of infertility and now lives in Jerusalem with her husband and son where she has lived for 20 years.
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