Words, words, words

It seems that during the campaign and the first two weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency, the mainstream media, progressive rabbis, and left leaning news shows cannot get through the night without calling our new president a Nazi or Hitler-like. At recent protests (it doesn’t matter which, the Left has decided everything needs a protest), the Nazi analogy was used so often that I was looking for brown shirts in the background. If you think that I am wrong about the press coverage, please remember that the New York Times ombudsman criticized her own paper for biased coverage however changed her claim when threatened by the publisher.   I have been following the transition period avidly and I failed to see the opening of one internment camp or rounding up of dissidents. However when the president compared his press coverage as being Nazi-like, the ADL national leadership jumped at this, scolding the president that this allusion demeans the Holocaust. I have yet to hear the ADL or any Jewish organization for that matter make one similar complaint to those hyperbole prone commentators.

During a very workmanlike and blessedly short inauguration address, President Trump said his administration would put the interests of America first before global interests.  Immediately, left leaning commentators started teaching the public about the America First movement of the 1930s and came to the conclusion again that Trump is a Nazi sympathizer. I doubt if even 5% of the country was aware of the America First organization and it is as though the words putting America first is now taboo for discussion.  I think we need to step back to stop this overreaction to everything Donald Trump says. I also think that no Jewish organization has a monopoly on the usage of certain words.  If that is the case, statements that the police are waging a genocide or Israelis are using Nazi tactics on the Palestinians  should be shouted down by the AJC, the ADL, AZRA and J Street.  We should resist these words because they give a false narrative to what is really occurring.

I am favor a national moratorium on the words Nazi, Hitler, genocide or Third Reich from being used for the next 90 days in political intercourse or until a better vetting system for immigrants and refugees from seven identified failed states by both Obama and Trump can be implemented.  Once normal immigration resumes we can go back to hyperbole and name calling.  Look at the benefits.  Blood pressures will go down, heads will stop exploding, and the sale of antidepressants will drop.    Civility may return and reason will once again reign over the land.  People will realize that speech is not being curtailed, no one is being murdered and there is still a Congress (although non-functioning as long as Democrats keep on boycotting meetings to prevent any action). Remember that Trump actually won the election (not the popular vote but that was not the objective of the election).  These so called spontaneous protests are funded and well planned from after the election and are meant to disrupt the administration.

I am in favor of a collective national deep breath and calm.


I am afraid rules are meant to be broken so I will be the first to break my moratorium Several nights ago I witnessed modern day brown shirts on campus in Berkeley rioting and closing down a scheduled, approved speech by a conservative speaker.  This is not the first of these incidents. Within a day, the same shameful incident was repeated at NYU with a female professor screaming obscenities at the police and totally out of control. (I think she is in charge of teaching etiquette and civics)   So called students come dressed in black, faces covered and armed with pepper spray and bats starting fires and intimidating the campus while university police stand idly by and local officials are too cowardly to lend protection.  The justification, as if there is any justification, is so called hate speech which as far as I know is not a legal defense recognized by the courts.  The media tries to make moral equivalences to violence and provocative speech.  Some professors, including a former Clinton cabinet member, charge without any evidence, that the rioters were hired by the speaker for publicity reasons.  These are not spontaneous student demonstrations.  Few students have at a moment’s notice gas masks, pepper spray, bullhorns and premade signs.   These are professional rioters, trained and funded. These professional protestors were on the street within seconds of the Supreme Court nomination and the temporary freeze on immigration from terrorist haven states (sort of sanctuary states). No one, not the ADL, ACLU, or any one of a number of Jewish organizations has done a clear condemnation of these acts. These well trained domestic terrorists are more of a Nazi threat than any words by President Trump.   Until these criminals are rooted out and campuses take back the First Amendment, this remains a national stain on our rights and freedoms.

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