World Government: Saving Humanity from Itself

It’s high time, after centuries of senseless bloodshed, massacres and genocide that the world’s leaders wake up to the fact that the world is on the edge of a precipice, and if we continue as we are doing we shall seal the doom of humanity and the fate of our planet. What is urgently needed to save humanity from itself is to scrap the current so-called advanced forms of government, which are perpetuating conflict and power struggles within and between nations, which put the ordinary peace-loving, peace-seeking, innocent citizens and human beings at constant risk and threat.

What is patently clear is that to save humanity from a bitter fate and endless warring we have to change the way this world is run, and has been run hitherto. First of all, we must ask ourselves what is the purpose of our living and breathing on this earth? Is it to feed armies and perpetuate bloodshed, rivalry and hatreds that spill over into wars of lesser and greater magnitude until eventually we get to a Third and last World War of all Wars that can easily blot out humanity on a nuclear-pulverized Mother Earth? Is that really what our existence on this earth is all about? Surely it is time for all peoples and their leaders to grow up in this 21st century with all its advances and global closeness and realize that this world was given to us for people to exist peacefully, productively and helpfully side by side, and together to resolve the real problems that assail people everywhere in the realms of disease, poverty and illiteracy.

True leaders worth their salt will seek ways to work together for the sake of their peoples and of humanity as a whole, but today it is patently clear that the whole of humanity is at risk due to the folly, blindness, inhumanity and inability of many of its leaders. To look at the world today is to see a humanity in tatters and in a pitiful state in many countries, and millions upon millions victims of senseless power struggles within and without their borders, with all their resources being devoted to weapons of defense and offense. And this is all so senseless and unnecessary and, above all, backward. From this point of view the world has made no progress at all, has failed dismally to learn the lessons of its tortured past.

How then do we propose to rid the world of the curse of war and conflict and give ordinary men women and children in every corner of the globe what is rightfully theirs and what they have been deprived of throughout history and to this very day- the right to live out their lives in peace, prosperity and happiness? This is no utopian dream, it can be achieved, and it must be achieved if we are to change the course of human history and save the human race from extinction. It can be achieved by removing the causes of wars and conflict – the endless power struggles within states, between countries and blocs for regional and world supremacy- and establishing the supremacy of the human being and the supreme rights of the human being to peace, prosperity and happiness.

Such a blessed state for humanity – a world without war, conflict, power struggles, and terror – is within our grasp, but only if we change drastically the way the world is run. This can and will only come about through the installation of a benevolent, farsighted, tolerant world government, to which all the countries on earth will be affiliated to, responsible to, and contribute to for the benefit of all the human beings on earth.
This does not mean that individual countries or nations must surrender their culture, traditions, beliefs, and way of life. On the contrary, they will be encouraged to preserve and nurture them, but at the same time to cultivate a belief in the value of each human being and of humanity as a whole. Surely this is the basic message of the major religions – or should be.

Under the rule of world government, the multitude of different and conflicting forms of government in the various countries and blocs will give way to rule by national councils subordinate to, affiliated to and appointed by the World Government Council and reflecting in each case the World Government Council’s far-sighted, tolerant, cooperative and constructive rule, made up of the best minds, personalities and visionaries that the world can offer, with one supreme object in mind – to work for the good of humanity and the advancement and happiness of each and every human being on earth.

What all this involves is no less than a major revolution in human thinking. But after the debacles of the past century and the dangers lurking in this century, exemplified by the current struggle against the brutal Islamic State’s limitless ambitions or the simmering Ukrainian-Russian conflict and subsequent talk of a resumption of the Cold War, such a revolution is urgently required to pull back mankind from the edge of the precipice of extinction and save humanity from itself. If man wills it, this is no mission impossible.

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David Herman is a Cambridge graduate and long-time Jerusalem resident and works as a freelance translator-editor.

About the Author
London-born David Herman came on aliyah in 1966 after graduating from Cambridge University. In the 1960s, he founded the Good Times Publishing Company specializing in publishing newspapers in simplified English, French and Arabic for the Israeli school system. David currenty works as a translator, and is also very active in the field of songwriting and performing under the musical name, David Ben Reuven.