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Worldwide Disciples Events – 26th Yartzeit of Reb Shlomo Carlebach

On the evening of the 2nd November, begins the 26th Yahrzeit of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach z”l. Reb Shlomo as he was known to his followers had and continues to inspire a more joyful, singing form of Prayer and connection to God, others, and oneself.

The last year with the challenges of Covid19 has seen the rise of online, zoom gatherings. In many ways, we are more connected and have a choice of a myriad of different events to attend. This is also true in the world of the Shlomo Chevra and the has been much Unity and shared zoom Events led by Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo, Ohel Shlomo, The Shlomo Carlebach Foundation, The Moshav. The Shlomo Katz Project who launched new initiatives to spread the holy teachings that we were all blessed to receive from Shlomo over the years and share them with the world.

Reb Shlomo’s music, stories, and messages continue to be an inspiration by his diverse followers. On this his 26th Yartzeit there a number of Online Events around the world.

I am including some of these posters here. There are events from this Saturday Night through to Wednesday and more..

To Share the  Kumzists Experience this Motsei Shabbat

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We can see clearly that there is passionate calling by followers. One of his key messages was that we live in a broken world, we are all broken and we never know what the other person’s challenges are. While there is some controversy about some of his behavior, through his life experiences, and through the Jewish historical Journey, He was in essence a Soul Doctor – not only through his music but also through his storytelling. In fact, both music and the power of storytelling are so integral to our current generation – not only in the Jewish World. We have a lot to be grateful for Reb Shlomo’s Legacy here.

Kol Chevra

One of the most dedicated disciples is Emuna Witt. She has brought out Kol Cheva now in its  26th year. Kol Cheva a Journal of inspirational stories in Memory of the renowned Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, zt’l, who brought hundreds of thousands of Jewish youth back to their roots with his original heart warming melodies and soul reaching teaching

This is available on Amazon Click on the link to order

Here is a short PR Video by Emuna

For a more detailed biography of Reb Slomo, please go here.

He has inspired and continues to inspire generations of soul seekers, teachers, musicians as the featured video in this blog testifies.

As usual, there is a host of activities surrounding his Yartzeit. This year is the 26th anniversary of his passing and his music & influence is growing. Just look around the Shabbat Project where most of the tunes of the Kabbalat Shabbat and special Havdalah are his. In fact, any Jewish gathering that involves a guitar has its roots with Reb Shlomo.

There is a growing interest in his music and message among different “tribes” including Chareidi followers.  If you want to witness real unity and inspiration, then I suggest you visit the gathering at his gravesite, attended by hundreds of Jews of all stripes… The gathering starts at 3 pm on the 3rd of November, in Har Menuchot in Jerusalem, and lasts for about 2 hours. You can expect to hear Tehillim sung in the tunes of Reb Shlomo’s nigunim, accompanied by guitars, drums, and percussion instruments.

After this, there is a Mincha that is just out of this world, a small piece of heaven you may say, and this lasts over an hour. The service is sung to the tune of various moving niggunim and is an absolute must. For a glimpse of how spectacular this can be, just do a quick search on YouTube.

This year the Aliyah L Kever event will be broadcast live on Facebook Live and will be held according to Government regulations and restrictions.

Live Link to Yartzeit Event  –

Previous years Video Sample

What is the power of this Music?

Shlomo Carlebach’s Legacy is uniting the Jewish people more & more every year — through his Torahs and melodies, through prayer and action.  This UNITY and his message of Ahavat Yisrael – unconditional love of every Jew and Person is needed more than ever today.

The whole world is singing Shlomo melodies – Shlomo’s melodies are everywhere – at the Kotel, on Erev Shabbat at shuls all around the world, at Simchas, Weddings anywhere where Jews are trying to closer to Hashem through Music…

But to a lot of people – these is just inspirational Music…They do not know there is another world to Shlomo – that is his Torah, his message of the deeper connections to Shabbat, Prayer, closeness to  Hashem, his love for every Jew, Jerusalem, Israel & the holy soldier. The list is endless. He was passionate about so many important issues.

So what was unique about Reb Shlomo Carlebach? Reb Shlomo was a Gate Opener.

Gates – Shlomo opened many gates, and even now his music, Torahs, teachings and stories are still opening many gates.  Gates allow people to either come in or leave. Shlomo opened so many gates to so many people and these gates are still being opened through the use of methods of outreach, Music, Stories and more.

So, what are these Gates?

The Gate of Jewish Music – Shlomo’s music is so much part of mainstream Jewish music that it is impossible to identify it.  In fact, when inquiries we made about collecting royalties, his melodies were identified as National Music, as a National Treasure. From Am Yisrael Chai to Holocaust Memorials, from Weddings to Kumsitz – communal singing.

The Gateway to Jewish Education & inspiration – Shlomo opened a new spiritual path that combines Judaism with its spiritual and creative side. As a result, we have three generations of teachers leading this. These soul doctors include environmentalists, artists, and musicians combining their talents with Torah & Jewish mysticism. Other examples include Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo in Jerusalem, The House of Love and Prayer in Safed (and Tel Aviv), or the numerous Carlebach Friday night services which are havens for those seeking a closer connection to God through Judaism.

The Gate of Jewish caring – social awareness – enhancing the rights of women. There is so much to write about here. Shlomo opened so many gates here.

Useful Links

Want more inspiration – Other Sites dedicated to Red Shlomo are:

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