Would it be better if Hajj is in charge of the Muslim Committee?

Hajj and the Pilgrims in worship

Qataris and other Muslim nationals who opposed the Saud’s deadly onslaught on Yemeni civilian population have hesitated to travel to the Mecca to perform their personal Islamic obligation of Hajj. The Saudi house’s politicization of the religious task hasn’t met any criticism because of the holiness of the royal family who is the guardian of the two shrine buildings. however; Saudi Arabia’ reform’ leader MBS softened its tough stands against Qatar after he invited Qatari Emir to Mecca for emergency Sheikh summit yesterday.
Saudi Arabia’s oil ocean will deplete one day sooner or later but Saudi’s acceptance of Qataris to visit Mecca amid a spiral of tensions between the two countries is often related to the deep-rooted anxiety of oil revenue decline that can easily topple the Al-Saudi family who was in power since ‘Saudi state’ in 1744.

The royal family familiar how the world economy works, embraced the wealthy Qatari pilgrims to visit the cash-desperate economy from financial reason unbothered of who or what they were doing is creed pillar so enshrined in the sacred textbooks and necessary to perfect their faith-building exercises.

This Gulf crisis exposed the weak Saudi guardianship over the two holy mosques in Mecca and Madina and shown the Muslim world that they block a particular country or people whenever due to political fallout. Hajj is a personal task for every Muslim to perform only if he or she is able financially—that means when your people are starving to death, there is no Hajj upon you such as the case of Somalia and Afghanistan. In recent MBS’s progressive move to ban Palestinians from ever coming to Hajj as Palestinians until, as conspiracy theories argue, the Palestinians’ assertive right of return disappears.

Jordan does not just host Palestinians but home country for Palestinians as much as Ethiopia a homeland for Somalis without necessarily adding the word “hosting.” Because Palestinians are Jordanians and Jordanians are Palestinians much like Yemenis in Saudi Arabia who change their nationalities depend on the circumstances—when they have the money they are Saudis when broke they are Yemenis and need the sympathy of other Arabs to feed them— were denied Hajj visa for mysterious reason at the least in my opinion.
To solve the Hajj off-on-blockages and to look down upon Shite Muslim pilgrims, Muslims from all over the world should elect a religious committee to oversee the administration of the Mecca at the least during the Hajj season.

Islam isn’t rigidly static; the dubious use of the religion by Islamists is a classic example. “….Do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction….” The verse banned Allah-believing people from carrying out suicide everywhere either in Jerusalem or Mogadishu, but today grand Imams fell silent when Muslim youth blew up themselves in shopping mall in London or Nairobi; their silence became more deafening when innocent Israeli Jews were murdered in east Jerusalem. Instead, they call Istish-had a martyrdom, what a martyr! How time brings its change! Great verse defining suicide bombers are damned and purgatory without ifs and buts. And yet our grand mosque Imams twisted to justify their violations of the core values of Islam by crossing every holy book on the face earth from Torah to Furqan, but the long silence over this brutal phenomenon backfired now: Muslim dwellings see more rate of suicide than other non-Muslim cities in the world today.

Islam a creed system but unlike any other religions is open to multiple interpretations to respond to the needs of its believing men and women and to fit the 21-century world. Can we elect a committee and jury to be in charge of our common holies and sacred monuments? Since verses can be abrogated whenever needed to adjust to the following verse and context, can we invalidate Saudi’s monopoly over Hajj for economic imperative, or is it a national asset of Saudi Arabia?

This argument has much to do with Jews who solely administer Al-Aqsa for the same reasons Saudis manage Hajj, but before several years back, many Muslims include me argued Jerusalem should have international status, namely, an interfaith committee to let the three Abrahamic faiths have equal access to their slot of worship in the holy site. Jerusalem has a Christian, Jewish, and Muslim history and no matter how one can be radical, that rich history can’t easily be swept under the rug and erased with tongue from the world memory both distant and recent.

Today the same committee is desperately needed to rise Mecca out of the Gulf crisis and make the holy look like one shared by all Muslims regardless of its denominations and sub-faiths stripes including Sufist and Shite Muslims. The same way the Catholics have a say in the Vatican; the foreigner nationals of other Muslims countries have to a role in the business of the Mecca, holy for all not just for Saudis lone.’

In the orthodox Islam, what Allah obligated upon Muslim; a human like Royal Family of Saud can’t overrule but it happened here in the kingdom, and neither Yusuf Al-Qaradawi nor Imam Sudaysi yelled at them or called them “ apostates.”

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