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Wuhan Lab, Pandemic, Straitjacket

The biggest hoaxes are always based on things which the human eye cannot see, too big or too small. The Vatican got away for years saying the sun went round the earth. The comparable hoax today in terms of its global reach is that the pandemic virus came out of the Wuhan lab in China. The guy primarily responsible for this is Steve Bannon. It’s too bad he was born too late. With his talent for promoting hoaxes, he could have been pope.

Labs are rated P4, P3, P2, and P1. The “P” refers to how much protection is needed to work in them. China has just the one P4 at Wuhan opened in January 2018. The US has 15.

I jumped on the Trump train before it had even left the station. If I had been in Washington Jan. 6 I probably would gone into the Capitol building and would now be rotting away in the DC Gulag serving a life sentence for trespassing like the rest of the zeks there. But I know what a microscope is for and that there is a whole world down there we can’t see. If someone says that there are scientists who would work on coronaviruses in a P4 lab, they need to be put in a straitjacket, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or politics.

There is only one person in recorded history, Peter Navarro, the epitome of ignorance, who stood before a P4 lab and proclaimed there were coronavirus molecules inside. He like Bannon was born too late. He could have been a cardinal back in the flat earth days.

Gabriel Gras was head of construction for the French team that built the Wuhan P4 finishing in 2015. He’ll explain it to you. He calls the lab a BSL4. I think that’s French.

Gabriel Gras: “Using a BSL4 lab to work with a coronavirus is like using a 20-ton crane to move a 30-kg refrigerator, which would be completely illogical.”

The WIV complex, as it is called, has 1 P4, 2 P3s, and 20 P2s. Science  Magazine asked Shi Zhengli, the deputy director, where do you do your  coronavirus research? In P3s and P2s, she replied. This is all routine work, with every abstract published at a University of Texas website.

The US military and the state department have paid British-born virologist Peter Daszak $103 million over the years to do two things, spy on China and help manage the US military’s network of 25 P3 labs globally with 15 encircling Russia and China. The other 10 are in Africa. He spends much of his time at Wuhan, knows the place inside and out, and the names of all the scientists. Any suggestion that the pandemic virus came out of the Wuhan lab. he says, is “pure baloney.”

Daszak works closely with David Frantz, former head of the Fort Detrick bioweapons facility in Maryland. With Daszak and Frantz on the ramparts, the free world is in good hands.

No one knows where the pandemic virus began. But one place you can rule out 100 percent is Wuhan, a city of 11 million people.

Peter Forster, a geneticist at Cambridge, was the first to get a handle on the virus in April 2020. He said at that stage there had been three variants A, B, C, and he projected that the virus possibly began around September 2019.

The virus entered Wuhan as variant B, two mutations down the road from variant A, the original found in nature, in early December 2019. No pandemic anywhere ever began as variant B. This pandemic did not begin in Wuhan.

Variant B cases were confirmed in two places about the same time, in mid-November 2019, Italy and Hubei province. Hubei is about the size of Washington state with a population rivalling that  of the UK with Wuhan its metropolis.

There are two ways a virus can come out of a lab, through a leak, and that happens all the time, or manufactured there in as a modified gain-of-function (GOF) original virus. It took a month before the virus reached the lab neighborhood coming into Wuhan and you cannot manufacture a GOF in the B form, because by definition it is an original.

The virus was first confirmed in Italy in September 2019. The national cancer society found 16 lung patients with coronavirus antibodies. It means they were infected in August and there must have been a lot more than 16. It doesn’t mean that the virus originated in Italy; it was first recorded there.

You see Rand Paul ranting and raving like a madman all the time about a GOF experiment in Wuhan. There was a big one in 2015 authorized by Anthony Fauci. But coronaviruses have been researched for maybe 37 years and GOFs are part of the landscape, admittedly controversial. Welcome to the world of science and experimentation. It’s like Paul, the physician, never heard of the world of science.

The 2015 experiment involved 12 Americans, two Chinese, and one Italian. It was managed out of the University of North Carolina. For conspiracy theorists impelled to locate the origin of the pandemic in a P4 lab you just hit the jackpot. There are two P4s in Milan. Most of the earliest cases were in Milan. One of the P4 labs there is owned by Antonio Lanzavecchia, who was on that 2015 GOF experiment team. Two P4s and a Fauci too, a conspiracy theorist’s dream come true.

The deadliest GOF maker in the world known up to now is Ronald Fouchier of Rotterdam. A Dutch court in not permitting him to publish an avian flu GOF told him what you got here is a WMD. A few years ago Fouchier supplied a coronavirus sample to fellow virologist Frank Plummer at Winnipeg. Plummer then developed that.

One week after a site in India in 2020 published that Plummer’s coronavirus was stolen by the Chinese and that’s the pandemic virus, Plummer dropped dead in Nairobi. The site in India then said he had been assassinated. His wife had to go on social media and explain in great detail the cause of death, natural causes.

Chinese scientists, a married couple, stole a bunch of biomedical research material in Winnipeg and sent it to China but coronavirus was not among the goods, according to the Mounties. But at least here was a theft, an investigation, and a conclusion.

Here is how the pandemic came into the world, produced by the axis of evil working together, Chinese Communists and the Reichstag on the East River, otherwise known as the United Nations.

If this coronavirus followed the pattern of previous ones, it first manifested in subtropical areas of China. Wuhan is way north of that.

No one in the megapolis paid attention to a cluster of people coming down with a flu until Dec. 26. Respiratory specialist Zhang Jixien, through astute diagnosis of four people, three related, determined that there was a new contagious coronavirus in China and she notified their CDC.

Word was flashed to the highest levels of the regime and the order came down, keep this disease quiet. The entire party apparatus in Wuhan and Hubei province was mobilized to that goal. Their idea was that the virus will morph into a bioweapon and take down Trump.

The objective was to keep the blackout going through the week-long lunar new year celebrations last week of January, in which case Trump would have been toast then and there. They would fall short by a week.

The leader Xi Jinping learned of the virus Jan. 7. The conspirators lied to him for 11 consecutive days. This was a minor outbreak, 41 cases, no new cases since Jan. 3, no deaths. Later they would add one death. Nothing to see here, move along. Xi went abroad and then finally sent a team to investigate Wuhan Jan. 20.

Jiang Rongmeng headed the response team Jan. 23. He said when he got to Wuhan people were dying like flies, there were riots in prisons, 15,000 people were infected as well as 4,000 medical personnel, and doctors were working 24-hour shifts until they dropped.

He immediately airlifted in 15,000 medical personnel, unlimited supplies of every kind and description, and threw up two hospitals in the blink of an eye. He also assembled vast numbers of ordinary workers to act as orderlies or simply lend a hand. He ordered normal shifts ASAP.

He asked his doctors, what do we have for medicines? He didn’t like any of their answers. He went with plasma therapy. Emil von Behring, a German, was awarded the first Nobel Prize for medicine in 1901 for developing it. Bodies produce antibodies to fight diseases. You take the antibodies of someone who fought off a disease, put it in blood plasma, inject someone and they too are supposed to be made immune to the disease. Jiang was using it on people at death’s door and they were recovering.

Jiang said there were no formal studies for this method for this disease. But he had to try something fast. All he could say was, it worked well for us.

Jiang had everything under control in about a month. Xi visited March 10 to announce the crisis in Wuhan was over. They shut down 14 temporary hospitals.

The lockdown there continued until April 8. They tested 9.9 million adults and youth in Wuhan in May and found only 300 positives, all asymptomatic. The people were dancing at their night clubs by the summer.

In one of his first columns after Trump was elected, the late and great Charles Krauthammer gave Trump some advice that if he had followed it, he would still be president and there would have been no pandemic.

Krauthammer recommended he shut down the United Nations and send it packing to Zimbabwe.

The UN is a cancer in the midst of the US and like all cancers it would eventually start to eat the host body alive.

The UN is the most corrupt organization in history. There is no proper bookkeeping and everyone is on the take. They got caught once stealing billions in the Oil for Food program out of Iraq in the 90s, but nothing changed.

Their agency, the World Health Organization (WHO), had a chance to prevent the pandemic entirely with one phone call Dec. 31 and they didn’t make it.

Doctors were trying to get the word out to the world anyway they could. Some were arrested. Some were threatened. One got through to Taiwan.

Taiwan notified WHO that there appears to be a new contagious disease in Wuhan. All WHO had to do was make one phone call to a hospital doctor and they would have had enough to put out an announcement. Xi was not in on the conspiracy and the government would have acted swiftly.

But the conspirators had paid off the WHO bosses to keep their mouths shut and from then on they were lying along with the conspirators.

Had the UN been disbanded as Krauthammer recommended, an honest health organization would have replaced WHO and when the e-mail came through from Taiwan they would have acted immediately.

The name of the game was to get the genome — the genetic map — out to the world. Shi Zhengli had hers ready Jan. 2. The party told her to put it in a drawer. Rogue Shanghai doctor Zhang Yongzhen produced one Jan. 5 and sent it to the authorities. They gave no indication that they were going to publish it at any time before 2029. With Shi Zhengli providing the facilities, Zhang had his genome out to world Jan. 11. Moderna saw the genome and announced Jan 13, we have the vaccine.

Zhang was immediately placed under “rectification” meaning he was forbidden to work. They finally let him back into his lab several months later and he would go on to be named to the Time magazine list of the 100 most influential people of the year and rightly so. The authorities left Shi Zhengli alone. Known as the “batwoman,” she is as subversive as Solzhenitsyn and equally as great in her own field.

When the party prevented her from publishing her genome she got onto the phone, knowing the authorities were eavesdropping, and talked to the most celebrated and persecuted dissident in the country, Gao Yu, her good friend, also a woman. Shi Zhengli wanted history to know what happened to her genome. The longer a genome did not get out to the world, the worse this was going to be.

Fortunately a doctor in Wuhan took his life in his hands and delivered a sample to Zhang in Shanghai.

The conspirators weren’t through trying to eke out the blackout. WHO announced officially Jan. 14, after the world had the genome and could see this was a contagious disease, that there is no evidence of a new contagious disease in China.

Today we have 5 million dead. WHO was asked to head the first inquiry. That was exactly the same as asking the commanders at Auschwitz, would you find out where all these dead bodies here came from?

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Dov Ivry is from the Maritimes in Canada, born in Nova Scotia, raised in New Brunswick. He worked as a journalist there for 20 years with a one-year stop at the Gazette in Montreal. He's been hanging out in Israel for 36 years, doing this and that, and managed to produce 66 books.