WWII for dummies

A snippet from the news, courtesy of Israel Hayom:

“While the Prophet Muhammad brought a message of reform to the world and humanity, the United States has brought only evil, such as the murder of the Indians, abduction of Africans to make them slaves and using atomic weapons against citizens of Japan. It isn’t surprising that this insult to the prophet and Islam comes from the U.S. of all places.”

Yet more vitriol from that rat dropping of a “president,” Mah-bad-moud  Ahmadinejad? No, actually, the Twisted Prince of Persia is too busy testing the mattress at the plush Hotel Warwick in New York City and maybe inspecting his gift basket from the suddenly magnanimous Rupert Murdoch.

No, according to Israel Hayom those words came from the lips of MK Talab el-Sana (Ra’am-Ta’al), addressing a protest rally “against anti-Islam film and the West.”

Protest all you want, Israel is a democracy after all. But don’t be dumb about it. The United States has brought only evil, huh? What history books have you been reading, Mr. el-Sana? Let’s see, “abduction of Africans to make them slaves”..the French had nothing to do with that, of course. “Using atomic weapons against the citizens of Japan”…well, it looks like someone in the Knesset has just abducted the Prophet of Accuracy, and hey, we want him/her back because, you know, Japanese soldiers (who were also citizens) and their leaders had every chance to surrender in WWII, but categorically refused to do so. Even after the first bomb exploded over the Land of the Rising Sun.

“The United States has brought only evil”..Ever heard of the Rape of Nanking, Mr. should-know-better MK? How about the Bataan Death March? Uh let’s see, Pearl Harbor? How dare this man insult the veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States including my grandfathers, who fought their asses off so that people like respected Knesset members and millions more aren’t speaking with the martial cadences of German and Japanese against their will today?

And I suppose those concentration camps just liberated themselves, right? 

It’s worse than unbecoming of an elected official to answer stupidity with a willful distortion of the facts of history. It’s an unadulterated insult.