Xi and Herzog talk prior to the 30th Anniversary

President Xi and Presidend Herzog

In advance of 30th Anniversary of China-Israel Relationship

Xi Jinping and Isaac Herzog, the presidents of China and Israel had just spoken on phone with each other on Wednesday, it is the first conversation between two national leaders since Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan’s foreign visit in Israel in 2018. President Xi hasn’t left China since later 2019, he just had a video conference with American President Joe Biden on Tuesday.

This is also the first ever presidential phone call between two countries in history, while President Chaim Herzog, the later father of President Issac Herzog was the first Israeli president visiting China secretly in November 1986 and formerly in December 1992. China and Israel officially established their diplomatic relationship on January 24, 1992, 2022 will mark the 30th Anniversary of two countries’ relations. Both invited each other on state visits to mark 30 years of relations, hopefully President Xi will be the first president to visit Israel in more than 20 years.

Appreciating history and civilization and enhancing friendship

During the amicable phone call, the Chinese president said Chinese and Jewish nations have time-honored history and civilization, and two nations enjoyed long-lasting friendship with many remarkable touching stories. China highly values its relations with Israel.

China will take the celebration of the 30th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relationship as an opportunity to promote the sustained, healthy and stable development of the innovative and comprehensive partnership.

President Herzog expressed his deep admiration for Chinese culture and the Chinese people, and he briefed Xi on the progress of the Abraham Accords which constitutes a positive development in the Middle East peace that must be encouraged. President Herzog thanked President Xi for his warm letter for his birthday in September, and he said that he was proud of his father’s role in the China-Israel historic event. President Xi sent two letters to President Herzog this year, another one was a congratulatory letter to Herzog in June when he was elected as the new president of Israel.

Breathtaking and World-renowned Zhangjiajie glass bridge designed by Israeli Architect Haim Dotan with inspiration of Chinese philosophy

China-Israel Joint Committee for Innovation Cooperation

During the amicable phone call, President Herzog and President Xi showed high interests of enhancing bilateral ties and cooperation, both leaders expressed their hope for greater Israeli-Chinese collaboration in the future in the fields of technology, agriculture, healthcare, education, tourism and sports. President Xi said innovation has become a highlight and booster of bilateral relations.

The two presidents also reaffirmed their commitment to the China-Israel comprehensive innovation partnership, which is under the framework of the China-Israel Joint Committee for Innovation Cooperation, this mechanism was established in 2014. President Xi particularly mentioned the new Haifa Port two industrial parks for bilateral technology collaboration, China lsrael Changzhou lnnovation Park and Shanghai China-Israel Innovation Hub.

The only country can keep good relationship with all the regional powers

Amid the US-China tension initiated by former president Trump, Israel was often dragged into the awkward situation, the US government has constantly pressing Israel to stay distance to China, especially when it comes to technology and strategical collaboration, as the closest ally of the US, Israel cannot always maintain its independence regarding cooperation with China, for example, military industry became a taboo for China-Israel collaboration after the Phalcon Controversy, even though the US is not the only factor of this restriction policy.

The Israeli government can always take a practical stance when it comes its national interests, instead of being swayed by the other big country, in October, Israel walked away from signing a joint statement at the United Nations that expressed concern over Chinese Xinjiang issue, I think it’s a wise decision made by the Israeli politicians, Israel doesn’t need to please other countries by following their agenda, but it can keep good relationship with them via many other ways, Israel is the only country which can keep good relationship with US, China, Russia, Japan, Europe, India and some major Arabic countries.

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The author is the founder of Israel Plan Organization, the NPO organization supporting and promoting Israel in China. He lived in Israel for two years, and studied MBA at IDC Herzliya.
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