Year 5779 … Can Oil and Vinegar Become One?

Yes! Just shake the bottle! The particles will freely move and become one. Freedom of movement – freedom from bondage, freedom from borders – is the essence that sparks fusion. Freedom is catalytic. Bondage is cataclysmic.

I mentioned this in my letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, referring to the once foes of foes, the Germans and the Jews: “Breaking the ice between the Germans and the Israelis is like mixing oil and vinegar. When combined they add zest to a tossed green salad to make it come alive.” Jews and Germans are by no means the best of friends. But that 119,000 Jews live and work in Germany speaks volumes.

What about the Israeli-Palestinian Quest to Co-exist? What have the Palestinians ever done to the Israelis that the Israelis haven’t done to the Palestinians but with a factor of 10 times 10 times 10; not with an eye for an eye but with one-thousand (1,000) eyes for one eye; one-thousand (1,000) teeth for one tooth? Israelis cannot love Israel enough unless they also love Palestine, all of Palestine and I’m not referring to merely the granules of sand sculpturing the land; and, the same is true on the other side. Palestinians cannot love Palestine enough unless they recognize the divinely inspired and inherent goodness of Israel, despite those few rotten apples spoiling the bunch. And, all the sand in Israel and all the sand in Palestine are ONE. So, permit others to call the Land by the name of their conscience (‘A Catalytic Thrust Toward Trust,’ Kindle Locations 421-425).

My letter to Dr. Merkel continues with: “Through you, Madam Chancellor, I would like to invoke the people of Germany to help Israel. Germany can help forewarn Israel what NOT to do, that enough is enough and that the tragedy of Auschwitz should remain for time in ad infinitum in a permanent state of ‘NEVER AGAIN’.”

Israeli Peace Activist, Uri Avnery, insists “… Germans know that our present policy is disastrous for Israel and the entire world. It leads towards permanent war, the empowering of radical fundamentalist Islam throughout the region, the isolation of Israel in the world and an occupation-state in which the Jews will become an oppressing minority.”

My friends in Germany tend to be ‘pro-Israeli’ and ‘pro-Palestinian’ in the sense that they believe Israel and Palestine have a right to co-exist and both are obligated to find ways to peacefully live together with neither help nor hindrance from Germany. But, what do my German friends say about: the Israeli pretext of defending themselves against a defenseless people whom the Israelis subject to a systematic series of blitzkriegs complete with lethal military invasions; confiscation of personal properties; displacement and dispossession at gunpoint causing the indigenous people to flee their homes and to live a life, many for life, as refugees, behind fortified walls in bondage, poverty, and servitude?

Initially, the Teutonic mind idles in neutral and responds objectively and analytically. From them, I hear: “It takes two to tango. The Palestinians have caused lots of problems, too. Both people are equally stubborn.” But after a few beers too many the threshold of truth becomes more fluid. This is when every one of my German friends shows their true colors, vehemently expressing a conviction of antifascism.

Every single German I know is opposed to radical far-right authoritarian nationalism. Few dares say out loud (other than in close quarters) that what the Israelis have done since 1948 bring back memories of conversations with parents or grandparents describing the days leading toward the Nazi onslaught. Despite this dark period, my friends in Germany persist “light outshines darkness.”

Of course, though Chancellor Merkel prefers to stay out of the quagmire, hopefully, I’ve perked her interest with: “This, Dr. Merkel, is the warning. Their warnings stemming from their [the German] collective experiences and guilt could be Germany’s contribution … to challenge the Israelis and the Palestinians to converge toward a series of catalytic possibilities.”

Imagine, the Israelis and the Palestinians in full reconciliation, living side by side, within one homeland inside two borderless sovereign zones, working together as one, rejoicing freedom of movement and the right of passage, sharing Jerusalem and the region not too different from the BENELUX countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), the forerunners of the open borders of the European Union (EU)?

As stated by Rabbi Michael Lerner, in ‘Embracing Israel/ Palestine’: “The task is no longer a question of ‘who is right’ but to focus on building a path that will be best served for all, a path that embraces human courtesy predicated on kindness and a generosity of spirit.”

Can and will the GOOD Israelis and the GOOD Palestinians destroy their enemies by becoming friends with all the give and take to make and keep the friendship? (‘Let’s Get Radical … Be Kind!’ Kindle Locations 407-408; 408-419). Israel and Germany are becoming friends. Israelis and Palestinians? Oil and vinegar can become one. When the Palestinians are free, SO ARE WE.

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

*van Kempen, Abraham. Christian Zionism … Enraptured Around a Golden Calf (Kindle Locations *). FastPencil Publishing.

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