Judy Weleminsky

Yes, Israel has failed

When Israel won the War of Independence it could have ethnically cleansed all its opponents. Instead it allowed the 160,000 Arabs who remained in its borders at the ceasefire to become full citizens and to multiply over 10-fold to 1.7 million – 20% of the population of Israel. That was some ethnic cleansing fail.

In 1967 Israel won the ‘Six Day War. It ended after six days because the Arab countries agreed a ceasefire. Israel was now in control of the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, the ‘West Bank’ and the Golan Heights. If Israel had wanted to control more land and even countries she should have gone on fighting. If you have your enemies completely on the run after six days, imagine what 12 days could have achieved? Strange behaviour for a colonialist.

In 1979 Israel made a peace agreement with Egypt and returned the Sinai Peninsula to the Egyptians.  Does that make Israel a failed warmonger? How can you profit from war if you make peace with your enemies?

During the 1991 Gulf War, Iraqi Scud missiles attacked Israel. Israel heeded American calls to refrain from hitting back and did not participate in that war, And in 1994, the Israel–Jordan peace treaty was signed. Israel is clearly failing as a warmonger.

In 1993, Israel agreed the Oslo Accords with the Palestinians including allowing them full control over the major Palestinian population centres in Area A and civilian control of Area B of the West Bank. Seems Israel doesn’t understand the rules of colonialism – don’t give control to your colonies, they’ll go native. And then in 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip. Israel is clearly a failed colonising state.

Israel engaged in three wars with Gaza in 2008/9 for three weeks, in 2012 for eight days and in 2014 for seven weeks. Each time, Israel agreed ceasefires. It could have reoccupied Gaza. It could have decimated Gaza’s population. Fewer than 4,000 Palestinians were killed in the three wars, representing about 0.2% of the Gaza population. Death tolls are nasty things but they are the corollary of wars. Nonetheless, the Gaza population is continuing to increase every year. Clearly Israel is failing in the genocide stakes too.

During over 100 years of conflict between Jews and Arabs, fewer than 100,000 Arabs and Palestinians have lost their lives. That’s fewer people who  have been killed in 100 years than in any of the following conflicts in the last 50 years: the Laos Insurgency, the Lords Resistance Army insurgency, the Ugandan Bush War, North Yemen’s Civil War, the Mexican drug war, the Islamic insurgency in the Philippines, the Lebanese Civil War, internal conflict in Myanmar, the West Papua conflict, the Iraqi Kurdish conflict, the Iraq War, the war in Darfur, the Algerian Civil War, the Columbian conflict, the War on Terror, the Iran-Iraq War, the Somali Civil War, the Second Burundian Civil War, the Civil War in Afghanistan, the Syrian Civil War, the Ethiopian Civil War, the Angolan Civil War, and the Vietnam War!

Some things it is rather good to fail at.

About the Author
Founder Pro Israel, Pro Palestinian, Pro Peace. Chair Jewish Resource Centre at the University of Roehampton, trustee of (Jewish) Renaissance Publishing. During her working life (now retired) she was Chief Executive of a number of UK national charities including the National Schizophrenia Fellowship, National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Community Matters. Judy has served on the board of two national quangos including becoming a whistleblower.