Yes…There are Real Solutions with Political Courage, Vision and Leadership

Solutions to Israel’s constant state of still increasing crisis; the status of which has seen dramatic, further and rapid deterioration over the past weeks and week or two in particular most certainly exist.

Those ‘solutions’ don’t include – due to a blend of astounding inhumanity and simple logistical inability – such delusions as clearing out all of the Palestinian citizens of Gaza and the West Bank, using the Old Testament as a cartographic guide or exiling all Israeli Arab citizens among other equally poorly constructed and impossible to facilitate recommendations.


  1. Start taking real and obvious steps to end the occupation/direct control over the Territories, treat them (to start) as semi-autonomous regions…establish more formal and ‘state to state’ international styled border controls to include use of visitor Visas, temporary work Visas and all which can be had or lost access to;
  2. Take settler violence and attacks on Palestinians and other Israelis very seriously, arrest and detain – seriously – and as would happen to a Palestinian engaged in the same behavior…also legally respond to settler and Israeli Right wing violent/high disruptive demonstrations in the same way as if being done by Palestinians;
  3. Degrade – start to deny – the political influence of settler movements by pulling back from trying to engage irrationality with pretend rationale, identify and include those giving directly seditious/directly threatening ‘commands’ to their respective followers…this should/must also be applied to Israeli Jewish operatives to include elected officials/politicians of all parties;
  4. Greatly reduce towards full elimination the subsidies and direct protection by the IDF for a great many current settlements which are not well established, are located purely for perceived ‘biblical’ reasons or taunting, are not largely self-sustainable and/or do not meet, at the least, a certain number of established homes and residents with numbers leaning towards more than less…to start;
  5. Move and provide those subsidies to and for individual settlers/families ready to permanently return to and work in the State of Israel with the old Green Line as a (very general) point of reference;
  6. Initiate plans to close down the huge numbers of extraneous and strategically irrelevant settlements as referenced above in #4…to start;
  7. Make it a real crime for Israelis to engage in property damage/destruction of Palestinian property, infrastructure and agriculture;
  8. Consider a share relationship for Jerusalem whereby East Jerusalem would have political primacy of and be the location for Palestinian governmental structures of those whose Charter does NOT call for the ethnic cleansing of all Israeli Jews (don’t call it the Palestinian ‘capital’ for now pending further discussion and details if that is too hard to handle);
  9. …UNDERSTAND and RESPOND to the fact that the status quo slips further towards catastrophe and full implosion each and every day unless real changes are made and real leadership is demonstrated…

The police cannot sustain their current levels of intensity and response. The IDF can’t be turned into a force of police officers and internal security guards. Both remarkably skilled and devoted organizations risk being fully degraded. It won’t work and is the opposite of a ‘solution.’

Yes….there is lots to still work out based on my list. But many of these can be initiated in the short term with political courage, vision and leadership with the details to be addressed in process.


About the Author
I was born in Baltimore, MD and have since had a wide range of experiences including a year plus in Israel. I've been a progressive organizer, writer/media spokesperson, coordinator and freelance. I am a PhD level Clinical Behavioral Analyst specializing in severe behavioral need in children (and adults) and their families. I write through no ‘agenda or special interest’ other than being a passionate supporter of Israel and Israel's future.