Yet Another Explosion in Istanbul…

For seven years every Saturday night at around 22:00pm I passed in front of the stadium of Beşiktaş Sports Club….

I wasn’t going anywhere special. Being a huge karaoke fan was the reason I left home to go to Taksim square; to the night entertainment center of Istanbul, which I have called home for 30 long years.

Tonight at 22:00 right after the soccer game between Beşiktaş Sports Club and BursaSpor Football Club there were two explosions targeting police forces guarding the stadium. A lot of gunfire was reported as well. First reports are showing 20 wounded and no casualties.

Every time I hear that explosion sound that rumbles the ground beneath my feet, I freeze… I feel helpless and full of anger. I’ve experienced this feeling more than anyone should…

Tonight as I heard the news of this horrible attack on 20-year-old people whose sin was to wear the uniform that symbolises the guardianship of the people, I didn’t freeze. I didn’t freeze because I was not in Istanbul. I grabbed my phone and started looking for answers.

I just got news that 15 people lost their lives.

* * *

I was planning to write a long piece … and explain the Turkish government’s actions trying to connect this terrorist attack to peaceful “Gezi” demonstrations and how Turkish people not feeling safe and media ban on the subject and the limitation of internet on people by the same government which should provide all freedom on information…

But that was before I found out there were souls that were no longer with us.

I could have been one of them as well… and I won’t sleep tonight knowing that I may have been no longer alive..

I hope Turkish government representatives won’t be able to as well.


About the Author
Jack E. Civre was born as a Jew in Turkey Istanbul in 1985. He studied Engineering. During his University years he started being involved in Public Diplomacy.