Avromi Mostofsky
Fighting for Eretz Hakodesh

Yom Hazikaron – על אלה אני בוכיה (I cry for these)

This evening in Israel we began Yom Hazikaron. I’m writing this in Efrat, as I’m glued to Channel 11 with my cousins.

My heart is broken.

The stories are so inspiring and heartbreaking. Recently a member of the counterterrorism unit told me that the world media calls him a murderer. He calls himself someone who cares about his family.

Today we suffered our most recent attack. Make no mistake about it, our enemy does not rest. They don’t care if you are a Zionist, a Haredi, a two-state solution advocate, or a visitor.

Watching the three person unit that alerts families when their loved one is taken, was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever seen. The pain on their faces, and in their voices, was palpable. While the Arabs dance in the streets with candy, these men are tasked with breaking the news. Telling a family that their beloved Chayal will never be coming home.

Our family suffered terrible tragedy when my cousin Dr David Applebaum and his daughter Nava were murdered the night before her wedding. However, my cousins took their pain, and gave back to our nation. Story after story, the families take their pain, and do good for the nation.

We must ask ourselves why it takes a tragedy, or a day like Yom Hazikaron, to unite us.

Tonight I join with my brothers and sisters here in Israel. I join with my cousins. I join with my close friends. So many have suffered tremendous loss.

Tonight we all cry as a nation. We mourn the tremendous loss and we celebrate the legacies left behind.

It is our fervent hope that this afternoon’s attack is the last. G-d should destroy our enemy once and for all, and not need to send us these painful reminders. Let’s not forget tonight of all nights, we are one family. Let G-d wipe away our tears, and bring about the ultimate redemption.

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Rabbi Mostofsky lives with his family in NYC. He studied in Jerusalem where he received Smicha at the age of 22. He is a board member of the American Zionist Movement and is a delegate for Eretz Hakodesh at the World Zionist Congress. He recently released a book on Amazon about the life of his grandfather Rabbi Jacob Green zt"l called "A Head of Iron: Memories of Rabbi Jacob Green"
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