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You are Your Heroes

heroThere will be violence.  There will be arrests, there will be tear gas, there may be death. But it looks like it won’t be till later today.

The Funeral of Palestine’s newest martyr hero, Abdel Rahman al-Shalodi, the hate filled psychopath that plowed his car into a group pedestrians waiting for the train in downtown Jerusalem Wednesday night killing a three month old baby, has been postponed.

When the crowd of proud supporters gathering outside of al-Shludi’s home last night started to become unruly, Jerusalem Municipal security realized that they were going to need a bigger boat.

The funeral has been postponed and an injunction issued allowing no more than 20 people to attend.

Two thousand security personnel will be on the streets of Jerusalem today, just in case.

Yeah, just in case…

We can argue geopolitics, we can argue borders and sovereignty rights, but humanity, or as in the case of those waiting to escort al-Shludi to meet his 72 virgins, lack of humanity, follows the old axiom given by the judge in the famous pornography case.

“I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it”.

The Palestinian death cult of martyrdom and hero worship of terrorists is the greatest proof of the inhumanity rampant today in Palestinian culture.

Put aside the historic rights of the Jewish People to live in their ancestral homeland for one moment.  Put aside the blatant racism of the Palestinian insistence and world acquiescence that the entirety of the state they wish to create be Jew free.  Put aside the security issues, the economical infeasibility, the corruption and tribal cronyism rampant in Palestinian society.

If there is no other reason to deny a state to a People, the overwhelmingly popular elevation of inhumane racist murderers to Hero status is a valid reason to fight against the creation of that state.

True, every nation on earth has its Timothy McVeighs and Baruch Goldsteins.  How a nation deals with the monsters it produces is the best barometer of the collective humanity of that nation as a People.

Civilized peoples do not make heroes out of baby killers. Period.

Wednesday night al-Shaludi drove his car over a three-month old baby girl in her grandfathers arms.

Those that are elevating him to a hero are driving over what is left of the collective humanity of the Palestinian people.

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Mottle Wolfe Tweets as @RebMottle. He is the host of The Mottle Wolfe Show, Israel's only daily news talk program. He lives in the Hills of Judea with his wife Batya, and their three children.