Ann Lapin
fit mom, interim mother, rockstar mama

You don’t need an invitation. Come home.

I get it.

Sometimes your dad gets sick and your mom calls you to come home.

Maybe you don’t wait for an invitation. After all, you’re family. You can just go home.

This week your whole¬†family was sick–YOU’RE hurting–and you want to come home.

I get it.

“Home” this week might be the house of worship you haven’t visited in almost two months. But you want to be with family, even if you haven’t seen each other in a while, even if you don’t always get along, even if you’re still not sure what you’re going to wear when you show up.

And I get it.

So if you find yourself one of those people coming home this week to a place you maybe haven’t been in a while, here’s what I hope for you:

I hope you are welcomed with open arms.

If you accidentally sit in my seat because you arrive before me, I hope I’m nice enough to offer you my prayer book and ask if I can sit with you.

If your child, older family member, or loved one with varying social abilities makes some noise during services, I hope that you are treated with warmth and compassion and maybe even offered a lollipop before you decide you have to step out.

I hope our cantor’s voice and our rabbi’s words lift you to just the spiritual heights you were seeking when you decided to come home…and that my need to socialize with my pew-mate DURING services doesn’t disturb you too much or for too long.

I hope you come. Let us know you’ll be here so we can look out for you. So we can welcome you. So we can feel safe, spend time together as a family, and try to heal. Come. You don’t need an invitation.

We’re family.

Come home.

About the Author
Ann and her family live in Riverdale, NY. She owns a Mary Kay business and is a fitness trainer in the northwest Bronx. Ann has been an interim boarding care provider with a local adoption agency for over four years. When no one else is watching, she writes about love and loss and finds ways to avoid cooking at all costs.