You should come to Israel now

You should come to Israel now.

You should come because they want you not to.

You should come because you will see the best of Israel, and Israelis at their best.

You should come dance with us, eat with us, work with us, joke and laugh with us.

It’s safe. It’s safe to walk. It’s safe to bike. It’s safe to sit outside in a cafe. Safer than NYC. Safer than Baltimore. Safer than LA. Safer than Miami, Chicago, Paris, London, Montreal…

You should come see how amazing Israel is not despite challenges, but BECAUSE of them.

You should come so they know nothing will ever stop us from calling this Home.

About the Author
Ari Teman is an award-winning comedian performing on TV, in sold-out theaters across North America and Israel, for the President and the Israeli Ambassador, and as a headliner for Jewish, corporate, and charity events. He can whistle in 17 languages. Ari is also founder Friend or Fraud, the 12gurus conferences (12gurus:Health and 12gurus:Charity), and the founder of JCorps International the first and largest Jewish "social volunteering" network. Follow him on Twitter & Facebook for jokes, shows, and updates. Book him at