Young Professionals – Defining the career that’s right for you…


Are you stuck in a path that you are not sure suits you? Do you wake up in the morning and feel like working somewhere else? You are not alone! Young people all around the world are second-guessing their career and life plans all the time.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to take the time to find the right career fit and make the right life choices. Our jobs mean a lot to us because they become a huge part of our daily lives and we spend a lot of time doing them. How we feel about what we do affects all areas of our lives. That’s why it’s essential at a young age to be in a job you enjoy.

Here are some quick steps developed by Sigal Consulting to help a young professional identify their ideal job and navigate the transition.

  1. Define the career that’s right for you: This can take a lot of time and effort and often talking to people with experience will help you. Talk to Sigal Consulting for help from an experienced organizational psychologist.
  2. Clarify and develop confidence in your skills and abilities: Gather experience and identify what things you are good at and make sure to cultivate these things and become aware of your specific talents and strong points.
  3. Overcome the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward: Obstacles are inevitable. Recognize the obstacles that are inhibiting you from going down the right path and try to overcome them. Often talking to a professional with experience in this realm can help, contact Sigal Consulting for help.

As an experienced organizational psychologist and a professional & personal change expert, Sigal Consulting helps people follow their goals, recognize their dreams and therefore gain maximum satisfaction from their lives. Sigal Consulting helps clients find a fulfilling career and dream job and also maintain a better and healthier lifestyle. Additionally, Sigal Consulting helps take new ideas from conception to delivery and provides Start-ups with tools needed to develop and launch a successful company. For more information and to create your new path today, contact us today


About the Author
Sigal Abbatovi is an experienced Organizational Psychologist who helps pave the road to professional success, personal fulfilment and jump-starting start-ups, in a nutshell, Sigal helps people find the life they love and a career that supports it by following their goals, recognizing their dreams and therefore gaining maximum satisfaction from their lives. Check out the Sigal Consulting site on: or call 0526754988 for more information.