Younger Americans Siding with Palestinians

The recent report by Uriel Heilman, may be very accurate. Though unfamiliar with the assessment methods, it does make pefect sense.

Even though Israel has not been the aggressor in this ongoing war, superficial news reports showing the state of Palestinian regions, versus the current well-being of the country of the Israeli State would lead most to come to that conclusion.

My hope is that our younger generation would come to learn of the basic history of this age-old dispute and the miraculous re-establishment of the Jewish statehood in 1948, less than 3 years after the Holocaust, along with the attraction of Jews from all over the world, followed by the 1967, ‘six day war’…a triumph hard to explain even by Israel’s enemies.

To the youth: Hamas is a terrorist group, just as viable as any other the world encounters throughout the world, attacking innocent civilians at will and using schools, hospitals, and other vulnerable facilities as cover and/or their headquarters. Unfortunately, they are a vital part and ruling entity of the Palestinian government, which is one of the key reasons peace remains out of reach for both sides and causes more death, destruction, and suffering for those innocent people we often see on the news, and within Palestine. How can Israel or any other government inter-mediators solidify a peace treaty between Israel and a pack of murderous criminals?

There is only two paths to peace. One would be if the leader of the Palestinians, separates himself and his country from Hamas and truly dismisses and eradicates them from the entire process, which would benefit his people immensely and bring legitimacy to a table of viable negotiations and a lasting peace between the two countries. The other, is most likely to come to pass, which was written in the Hebrew manuscripts…more specifically in the “Book of Daniel”, when a great leader will bring about a solid peace agreement, which will not only end the war between the two parties, but also establish safety within the Middle East. This is the prophesy that has been scoffed at for centuries, but is now coming into greater focus, as the world is realigning itself to welcome just such an Ambassador. The punch line will unfortunately turn against Israel as this ‘man of pseudo peace’ reverses his alliances in an inward attempt to destroy the land of Israel, especially Jerusalem, soon after they are allowed to build their 3rd Holy Temple.

As it is written, “he will abolish the daily sacrifice…claiming to be the supreme leader of mankind, even opposing himself against the existence of God”.

Just when all seems lost for the Jewish people, similar to the brink of destruction they suffered during the Holocaust, they will finally see their Messiah, who will come to their rescue and destroy the surrounding armies and ‘the man of lawlessness’.

In the Hebrew writings, in the Book of Zechariah, it is written, “They will look on me, the one they pierced…they will say, ‘What are the wounds on your body?’ he will answer, they are the wounds I was given in the house of my friends”.

When we look at the in-gathering of Jews from all points of the world in 1948, the apprehension of Jerusalem, defeating up to 6 organized armies in 6 days in 1967…it is the reader’s opinion as to the name of their Messiah.

About the Author
Ron DeJohn is ED of a National Drug Prevention organisation.
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