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Your Knesset At Work: This Year’s Alternative ‘Four Questions’

Yoav Krakovsky of Israel Radio’s Reshet Bet reports that, even as the coalition continues the legislative process with respect to various elements of its judicial reform, it considers the adoption of four proposed laws to be of even greater urgency.  The coalition deems it critical that these laws be passed before the Pesach holiday.

If that indeed happens by Seder night, your child will be able to pose an alternative four-question version of the “Mah Nishtana:”

“How is this night different from all other nights?

“That on all other Seder nights there was no law granting legal authority to prevent people from bringing chametz products into hospitals; on this Seder night, such a law exists.

“That on all other nights there was no law limiting the conditions under which a prime minister could be declared temporarily unfit to serve in that capacity; on this night, such a law exists, and rules out declaring unfit a prime minister who violates his undertaking to avoid conflicts of interest created by his pending trial for corruption.

“That on all other nights there was no law permitting a prime minister or other government minister to receive monetary gifts in order to pay his legal expenses; on this night, such a law exists, and legitimizes a prime minister’s refusal to obey a court decision compelling him to reimburse such gifts.

“That on all other nights there was no law precluding judicial review of the appointment of a government minister; on this night, such a law exists, and will permit the appointment of a three-time convicted criminal to various ministerial positions.”

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