Albert Russo
"Art is but a moment of happiness, it is like a lightning of bliss cleaving the never-ending horrors of our world."

Your perception, our reality!

Dear Friend, before coming to Israel, I too believed in all the lies and the propaganda much of the European and American media spew.  This is not to say that I agree with the Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank). But never did the Palestinian leaders want to make peace with Israel.  Arafat, Abbas now – who have fortunes to their names, with much of the millions the West has given -, say one thing in English and the opposite in Arabic.  

Remember how in 1948 the Arabs rejected the UN partition. The 5 Arab countries – huge compared to tiny Israel – around the new Jewish state, told those who lived in Israel to flee, and that after they would win the war, throwing the Jews into the sea, they could go back and take over all their properties. The Nakba, is the catastrophe the Arab countries have inflicted upon the ‘Palestinians’.  Have you seen how the Arab countries have treated the Palestinian refugees?  like dogs.  See Black September in Jordan, how the Lebanese, the Saudis, etc. despise them, not allowing them to have their own trade or to own property.

Look at the way the Arab countries chased one million Jews from North Africa and the Middle East, leaving them with just their clothes on, when these same Jews had been there much before them, like the Copts and the Berbers.  Yes, Arab conquerers have colonized many regions on at least three continents.  And they are pursuing this colonization with terror.  Now, my birth place, the Congo is being threatened by them, and so is Kenya and Ethiopia.  Look at the mayhem the Islamists are wreaking in West Africa, with Boko Haram, torturing, raping, enslaving.  How can you compare that with the Israeli situation??? It is shameful. 

This is NOT an Israeli-Palestinian war.  It is the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad who started pelting Israel with more than 3.000 rockets, without being provoked.  The day Israel left Gaza years ago, it thought there would be peace, instead, Hamas kept on sending rockets to Israel, year in and year out.   They, of course, want the world to believe it is about Israel and Palestine, and you do believe them, don’t you?  The Hamas terror group and the Islamic Jihad are ‘competitors’ in their criminal aims.  The former intentionally locate their military assets in the heart of civil populations, under schools, mosques, hospitals and press agencies, in the Gaza Strip.  They’ve been doing that for years. 

To avoid killing civilians, the Israeli army drops out leaflets, telling them to leave their places, and these poor people have the time to run to shelters – like us!!! THIS IS TO STOP HAMAS FROM SENDING THEIR ROCKETS TO THE MILLION ISRAELIS IN THE SOUTH WHO HAVE BEEN TERRORIZED EVERY DAY FOR THE PAST YEARS.  You feel nothing for them, do you???  If the Israelis didn’t warn them, there would be thousands of deaths.  What country in the world warns their enemies in advance?  None, and certainly not the Muslim countries who kill each other by the hundreds of thousands.  Why aren’t you saying anything about them? 

Do you know that Israel, for years now, has been lending the poor countries of all continents, their services in science, high-tech, medicine and agriculture?  Benevolently, not to make money!  The European, and Western media, in general, never say a word about that.  

Compare the attitude of Hamas who openly claims that there are more than 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, and that they can afford to lose millions of people, because they are proud to die as martyrs (all of this is written in their ‘charter’, go and check), and that their aim is to kill Jews everywhere in the world and to destroy Israel, as their patrons, the Iranian ayatollahs have been growling ever since they poisoned their country in 1979, the same Iranian fanatics who provide them with most of their weapons.  These are not just words as you might think.  When they can, they do it!!!  And they boast, “Israelis and the West are weak, for they believe in life”. 

They are as cynical as they are perverse.  They don’t care how many dead people they lose, but they know that people like you, when they show you the images of dead children, cry: “Israel, child murderers!”  No, there is absolutely no comparison with what is happening in Burma and the other countries you cite; you are mixing everything up.  If Israel had chased all the Arabs, how come there are 2 million of them here???  Such absurdities are being perpetuated in the West.  

To call Israel an apartheid country is another incredible sign of bad faith and perversion.  I’ve been operated of colon cancer here and was assisted by Jewish doctors and Jewish and Arab nurses.  Next to me there were Palestinian patients and even Syrian ones (so-called enemies).  I have often resided in South Africa, I know what apartheid is, one of my books was banned there and I couldn’t go back.   

In Israeli restaurants and cafés, all colors and creed sit together.  I often speak with Arab patrons. My dentist is an Arab … Such nonsense they let you believe!  I really wonder what is being taught at school for you to be so blind.  History is totally forgotten, and twisted by provocative TV images.  Sometimes they even show dead children in Afghanistan, pretending they are Palestinian. “Those Israeli ‘child’ murderers”!  How often have you heard and believed that???  Do you know that the other day a Gaza baby was brought to my hospital to have a very delicate heart operation done?  He was saved and his parents embraced the Israeli surgeon.  And it cost them nothing.  Yes, they came directly from Gaza! 

I needed to rectify things and tell you how much you ignore about the situation here.  And you are comparing the number of deaths on both sides, this is absurd.  You don’t know how terrible I feel when the sirens howl and I have to run to a shelter.  

Then too, there is a huge difference between the attitude of the martyr-seekers and the Israelis.  When, during fights, the Israeli army kills Palestinian civilians, they are glum and look down.  When the Twin Towers in NYC were destroyed, with a bit less than 3.000 people of all origins who died, the Palestinian and other Muslim masses rejoiced, danced, and distributed candies.  The same goes on when Israeli civilians are killed.  There is a huge gap in civilization here.  I lost a few friends in NYC and know here young people who are terribly crippled!  How fair are you, do you feel nothing for them?  I hate to see people dying and being wounded, whoever they are.  That doesn’t stop me from looking at reality.

About the Author
Albert Russo who has published worldwide over 85 books of poetry, fiction and essays (35) and photography (50), in both English and French, his two mother tongues, and sometimes in Italian, (Italian being his 'paternal' tongue) - he also speaks Spanish and German and still has notions of Swahili -, is the recipient of many awards,such as The New York Poetry Forum and Amelia (CA) Awards, The American Society of Writers Fiction Award, The British Diversity Short Story Award, The AZsacra International Poetry Award (Taj Mahal Review - US$ 500), the Books & Authors Award, several Writer’s Digest poetry and fiction Awards (winner and finalist), aquillrelle Awards, the Prix Colette and the Prix de la Liberté, among others. His work has been translated into about 15 languages in 25 countries, on the five continents. He has co-published Gaytude with Adam Donaldson Powell, which won Best Gay Book in the USA. Albert Russo’s major books are the AFRICAN QUATUOR (AQ), his memoir CALL ME CHAMELEON (CMC), his humorous ZAPINETTE Series (Zapy), GOSH ZAPINETTE, the first ever series of global Jewish humor, his books of stories and of poetry encompassing 40 years of writing, entitled: THE CROWDED WORLD OF SOLITUDE, vol. 1 -CWS1 (the stories and essays) and THE CROWDED WORLD OF SOLITUDE, vol. 2 (the poems) CWS2 + the two big books dedicated to his beloved mother Sarah Russo (SR) + about 50 books of photos. His definitive biography penned by the Norwegian African-American writer, poet and artist Adam Donaldson Powell, UNDER THE SHIRTTAILS OF ALBERT RUSSO was released by l’Aleph (November 2017), Wisehouse Publishing. A humanist with roots in Central, Southern Africa, and the Mediterranean, he has been acclaimed by James Baldwin, Edmund White, Martin Tucker, Douglas Parmee of Oxford University, Joseph Kessel, Pierre Emmanuel, both of the Académie Française, among many other literary authorities, as well as by his African peers, Chinua Achebe among them. Albert Russo was also a member of the 1996 jury for the Neustadt International Prize for Literature which often leads to the Nobel Prize of Literature. Latest Prize: Best 2013 Unicef Short Story award in defense of childhood worldwide, for Revenge by proxy / Vengeance par procuration.  His 50-odd books of photography have garnered awards in the USA, UK, Russia, France, etc. Some of his work has been exhibited in the Louvre Museum, at the Espace Pierre Cardin, both in Paris, in Times Square, New York, at the Museum of Photography in Lausanne, Switzerland, in Art Berlin, in Tokyo, in Moscow, etc. The former Mayor of the Big Apple, Mr Bloomberg, has lauded his two photo books on Paris and New York. Some of his novels and memoirs have also been filmed in English, with videos 90 and 100 minutes long. Latest award: I have just received the following award. "Dear Albert, It is with great pleasure to announce that you have been selected as a Book Excellence Award Finalist for the following book: 'GOSH ZAPINETTE! the first ever series of global humor’ (770 pages). There were hundreds of entries from around the world and 'GOSH ZAPINETTE! the first ever series of global humor' was selected for its high-quality writing, design and market appeal. Congratulations. The Book Excellence Award Committee.” The Book Excellence Awards Advantage. More than just an awards competition, the Book Excellence Awards provides authors and publishers with extended support and resources on topics such as publishing, marketing, writing, publicity and social media. The Book Excellence Awards is a smart investment on your publishing journey and the results and benefits will last a lifetime! Literary website: - "Art is but a moment of happiness, it is like a lightning of bliss cleaving the never-ending horrors of our world." Albert Russo “Inspiration is like delicious food that your taste buds remember, or a perfume you have long forgotten and whose whiff suddenly brushes your nostrils again, giving you pangs of nostalgia.” Albert Russo
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