YouTube removes Dr. Pierre Kory’s Senate testimony

The testimony of Dr Pierre Kory was labeled as “Inappropriate content” and removed from YouTube [1]. YouTube’s actions reminded me of the firemen in Ray Bradbury’s classical 1953 novel “Fahrenheit 451”, who were employed to burn books, deemed dangerous to humans. Bradbury’s story takes place in a futuristic society in the year 2049, where people were conditioned to watch daily only the official narrative as shown in their “parlor wall” at home — what today are the large television screens filling our homes.

Dr. Pierre Kory, is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, Wisconsin. He testified during the US Senate hearing held last December 8, 2020 on the subject of “Medical Response to Covid-19”.

You can still watch the short five-minute video of his testimony, as recorded by the Senate: It begins at time 28:15. It is still available at C-SPAN [2]

Or better, I would recommend the old-fashion way: read (and download before it is taken down by the thought police) his complete written testimony, a 16-page document, as it appears in the Senate records [3]. It is full of technical details about how the drug ivermectin has been used in the treatment of Covid-19 patients, including a complete description of the implemented medical protocols.

[1] Ron Johnson, “YouTube cancels the US Senate”, Wall Street Journal (WSJ), February 2, 2021

[2] US Senate hearing on “Medical Response to Covid-19”, held on December 8, 2020:

[3] Dr Pierre Kory’s written testimony:

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