Ron Machol
COO of Zachor Legal Institute

Zachor Legal Writes Letter to USC Demanding Action after Antisemitic Incident

Zachor Legal Institute wrote a letter to the USC administration reminding them that their recent publicly stated commitment to combat antisemitism is only of value if it actually leads to an improvement in their actions to protect Jewish students, rather than simply serving as a resolution meant to curry favor with the media and alumni while changing nothing on the ground.

USC’s commitment follows an egregious case of antisemitic messaging by a student senator, and the university administration’s lukewarm initial response.  Only have a torrent of pressure from Jewish organizations and alumni did USC make a stronger statement.

We have recently seen multiple instances that after antisemitic events, universities make promises to improve, and then seem to forget these commitments before the ink is dry.

Jewish students at San Francisco State University (SFSU) settled a discrimination lawsuit with the university relating to antisemitic campus events.  Among other things, the university agreed to allocate resources to support “educational efforts to promote viewpoint diversity (including but not limited to pro-Israel and Zionist viewpoints).”  Yet little more than a year later, SFSU was hosting an event featuring Palestinian hijacker Leila Khaled.

Duke University resolved to fight antisemitism on campus after co-sponsoring an antisemitic love fest, which included potential recruiting of students for activities affiliated with the PLFP terrorist organization.  Fast forward a couple of years, and at the end of 2021 Duke denied Students Supporting Israel the ability to form a campus group, while allowing anti-Israel campus groups the freedom to operate.

So please excuse our skepticism in taking USC’s word for fighting back against antisemitism. Our letter is meant to put this university on notice that we will continue to monitor their behavior in taking action against discrimination leveled at Jewish students.

USC’s nickname is the Trojans.  Like the infamous Trojan horse, we intend to ensure that inside their resolution is not hidden lingering antisemitism waiting to erupt and wreak havoc for Jewish and pro-Israel students on campus once again.

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Ron Machol is a NPO and hi-tech professional. Born in the US, he made aliyah 20+ years ago. He is COO of Zachor Legal Institute, an organization using the law to oppose antisemitism and the delegitimization of Israel.
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