Esor Ben-Sorek

Zapping Zarog

The situation grows worse and worse day by day. Irresponsible settlers in the West Bank community of Yitzhar are committing acts of terrorism and are supporting terrorist activities with little or no restraint.

Neria Zarog, a 21 year-old father of two infants, is a terrorist not unlike other Jewish terrorists. But his recent action against border police and the actions of two hundred protesting settlers of Yitzhar, blocking the road so that fire trucks, ambulances and police vehicles were unable to reach the scene is totally despicable. It is clearly criminal.

There can be no greater disgrace in our country than actions by Jewish terrorists who defame our country by their malicious and criminal acts.

The situation is made worse by the silence and inactivity of prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, a supporter of the Yitzhar settlers.

Instead of condemning the violence, instead of demanding the arrests of all those involved, his silence is his political aim of encouraging the settlements. The shame of it temporarily removes the tensions he has due to probable indictment for his criminal activities.

Neria Zarog should be zapped… he should receive a strong punishment and should be made a national disgrace as an example to other Jewish terrorists in the West Bank hills.

The hilltop youth, guilty of crimes against Arabs in the area, have not been dealt with severely for their terrorism against local Arab families who have not been involved in crimes against Jews.

Neria Zarog should be sentenced to prison for his inhuman behavior. The settlers in Yitzhar should be given warning not to support or aid Jewish terrorism.

A part of this tragedy is the lack of response from decent Israelis who despise Zarog’s terrorist acts.

He tried to evade arrest by our police by locking himself to a metal object in a settler’s home, a place where he had been forbidden by the law to be.

Our police, facing the disgraceful acts of Zarog’s two hundred followers who threw rocks, paint bottles and heavy objects at the police in an effort to prevent them from arresting Zarog, were finally able to cut him loose by using a heavy chain saw to cut the locked Zarog free.

I am looking forward to reading tomorrow’s Hebrew language newspapers to see how many, if any, Israeli citizens lifted a hand to condemn the violence.

Silence is a poison that can destroy us.

Netanyahu needs the settlers in order to maintain his fading leadership. He too must be condemned for failing to criticize Zarog and the Yitzhar settlers who protected him.

I am, quite frankly, sickened by the events and I feel shame at the settlers and the government.

This is not the Israel I know. This is not the Israel I love. This is not the Israel respected by many nations in the world. This is not the State of Israel whose passport I carry with immense pride.

This has become an Israel of hate, racism, terrorism and destruction.

From the negative voices in the Knesset, from the lies and defamation, we have become a haven for criminals who flee from far-away places, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, United States, France and who knows from elsewhere, to avoid extradition and punishment.

We have become a nation of hackers, of young rapists on the isles of Greece, of manipulators and frauds. Our underworld mafia is not unlike that which once terrorized the United States of America.

What we desperately need are the morals and ethical behavior of leaders like Menachem Begin, coincidentally the father of the former Herut-now-Likud political party.

He would be ashamed at the corruption in Israel and of a fellow prime minister who may be indicted for corruption, fraud and bribery.

He would be among the first to support the zapping of Zarog.

Menachem ha-yakar…aifo ata b’zman she anachnu tzrichim otcha?

Dear Menachem….. where are you at the time that we desperately need you?

Rest in peace…. If you can.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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