Zimmerman and the Jewish Question

Hispanic man in America and black youth get into an altercation. Hispanic fatally shoots black. Jury finds him not guilty of both murder and manslaughter because he was acting in self-defence. What has this got to do with the Jews?

So far nothing. But there are some worrying aspects.

I’ve been following this issue closely; the issue being George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman in Sanford, Fla. killing Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old black youth who happened to wander into a neighborhood one night that had been hit by a flurry of robberies entirely attributed to black youths. One was caught and others were seen by witnesses.

The not guilty verdict triggered an explosion of reactions. Those coming from the side who felt it was unjust, driven mainly by black people, liberals, and celebrities, were unrestrained in their condemnations damning the system, whites including the six women on the jury, and not the least Zimmerman.

One expression keeps popping up all over the place from the Zimmerman haters. The “Jew-Hispanic” Zimmerman. The father is a Catholic who was a career soldier and saw action in Vietnam. The mother is a Peruvian immigrant. Her grandfather was black, so technically as the Germans used to say, who were as big in describing things in racial terms as is the American mass media, Zimmerman is not “white” but a mischling or crossbreed. He speaks Spanish fluently, a true Hispanic.

Zimmerman’s record is not perfect; he had a few minor scrapes with the law along the way. But he is not a racist. The family used to take care of two African-American girls his age when he was younger and they were like sisters to him. His partner in a failed business enterprise was an African American. The neighborhood he was watching was 60 percent white, 20 percent Hispanic, and 20 percent black. Several of the African-American residents there spoke nothing but praise for him.

When the district attorney and police investigated the incident they came to the conclusion it was self-defence and no crime had been committed. The facts they had, and nothing new has been added, speak for themselves. Zimmerman spotted Martin, a tall gangly black kid, in the neighborhood on a dark rainy night who aroused his suspicion. He called in to emergency services and they told them that they would send someone. He got out of his car, he says, to verify an address. He had no idea where Martin went. Four minutes later Martin appeared, slugged him in the nose, drove him to the ground, and pounded his head on the concrete. Zimmerman says Martin threw several blows, but they were both moving and squirming so how many landed no one can ever say.

Zimmerman screamed for help multiple times. He told the cops that when they first went to the police station. Eight witnesses testified it was he that was screaming. One eye-witness testified it was the black guy on top doing a “pound and ground” MMA style on the white guy on the bottom.

In a bare-knuckles fight you have no idea what is coming next. One blow may glance off a cheek; the next one may break an orbital bone; the next one may be fatal. Zimmerman got hold of his gun and shot. He felt his life was in danger and it was. That’s self-defence.

Who was the victim? Martin had been caught at his school in Miami in possession of several pieces of stolen jewellery, most of them belonging to women but also men’s watches. He also had a burglary tool in his possession. At the point the system let him down. Instead of reporting him to the authorities, in which case he would most likely have been put through the juvenile corrections system and it would have saved his life, the school marked the goods as lost and found because they did not want to record a criminal incident that would look bad on their yearly statistics. He later was suspended on suspicion of using drugs.

Martin’s mother abandoned him when he was 3. The father took a new wife and she nurtured him for the next 12 years. Then the father tired of her and took a new woman and dumped Martin back with his natural mother. It was this woman, presented to the public as the saintly mother of a martyr, who testified that it was Martin who was screaming. How could she know? She hadn’t been with her son all the time he was growing up. His behavior deteriorated, according to the step-mother, when he was taken from her. The step-mother could have talked about that scream. But she was never asked. She was kept far from the family. Her presence would have exposed the natural mother for what she was: a fraud. And that would have meant no case at all.

Zimmerman had a problem with obesity which he got under control by working out at a gym for a year. He also tried to learn to box. But as his lawyer O’Mara said he only got as far as shadow boxing and he still couldn’t beat the shadow. He was no match for a tough Miami street kid running with burglars and drug users.

The district attorney knew all this; the police knew all this. There was no case.

Enter the racemongers, all the usual suspects: the Black Panthers, Sharpton, and the slimiest attorney-general in US history, Holder.

The Black Panthers were first off the mark and set the tone. One Mikhail Muhammad, self-styled minister for Jacksonville, in a TV interview said that they had discovered that Trayvon had been “assassinated by a wicked white beast” who is claiming now to be an Hispanic but is really “a no-good Jew.” He went on to announce that they had put a $10,000 bounty on the head of Zimmerman. He said they had mobilized 10,000 men dedicated to seeing that Zimmerman and his family will never sleep peacefully again and had received wide financial support for their effort from “athletes and celebrities.”

Given the alacrity after the verdict of “athletes and celebrities” to call for the head of Zimmerman, what Muhammad said may not all have been in his sick imagination.

Next into the mix jumped Al Sharpton, who has long since replaced Bull Connor as the number one racist in America. He enjoys a respectability not afforded to the Black Panthers since he’s given a platform on the far left-wing channel MSNBC.

Sharpton never misses an opportunity to stir up hatred. First there was the Tawana Brawley hoax in 1987 in New York state. An African American girl, aged 15 at the time, claimed she was raped by six white men including a cop who wrote KKK on her body. The problem was that there was no evidence supporting her claim that a sexual assault had occurred.

Not to be discouraged by a total lack of evidence Sharpton jumped in and identified Steve Pagones, a young prosecutor, as one of the rapists and whipped up sentiment against him the way he would later do against Zimmerman, although Pagones was totally innocent of doing anything in a crime that never happened.

In 1991 a Hasidic Jewish driver in Brooklyn ran over a seven-year-old black boy. It was an unfortunate car accident. At the funeral Sharpton seemed to blame all Jews for the accident calling them “diamond merchants.” Riots broke out punctuated by calls of “kill the Jews.” Yankel Rosenbaum, an Australian doctorate student, was stabbed to death by a crowd of 20 blacks. Only two of his killers were ever brought to justice. An Italian tourist, thought to be a Jew, was shot dead.

In 1995 a corporate landlord controlled by black people raised the rent on Freddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem, owned by a Jew. He in turn raised the rent on a sub-tenant, a music store owned by a black man. A dispute erupted over the rent raise. In jumped Sharpton with a mob to picket Freddy’s Fashion Mart, spitting on customers crossing their lines. Under Sharpton’s incitement, the mob threatened to burn down the store. Finally one of the protesters ran into the store and shot four employees point-blank. He then set the store on fire for a total of seven deaths.

Fast forward to Sanford after it sank in that the authorities were not rushing to judgment.

Neither Sharpton nor the Black Panthers would have had the clout to stampede the authorities into charging Zimmerman with a crime that could not be supported by evidence had not Holder gotten involved. J. Christian Adams, who left the justice department when Holder refused to prosecute Black Panthers who had intimidated voters I Philadelphia in 2008, wrote: “the justice department’s Community Relations Service was deeply entangled in New Black Panther-led rallies and protests in Sanford, Florida, against George Zimmerman. These are the same rallies during which the New Black Panthers called for a bounty on George Zimmerman, and released “dead or alive” posters. The New Black Panther leading the rallies was the same New Black Panther Holder sprang free in the voter intimidation case in Philadelphia.” These are the rallies in which the Black Panthers identified Zimmerman as a Jew and it was Holder’s department that worked hand in hand with them to spread this anti-Semitic falsehood.

The FBI was sent in to determine whether racist motives were discernible in any part of this whole sorry affair not just on the part of Zimmerman but among policeman and prosecutors. Racist motives were found nowhere.

Today those who still want Zimmerman’s head and that seems to include a lot of Democrats are pressuring Holder to bring a federal civil rights charge against Zimmerman. If it were anyone else occupying the office of attorney-general he would swiftly explain that there is no evidence to bring a civil rights charge. The FBI did an investigation. But Holder is man devoid of integrity; he’s looking for a way to railroad Zimmerman and given his devious background, don’t underestimate his ability to find one.

Holder burst on the scene as deputy attorney general in 1997 and it wasn’t long before his actions were condemned by a 95-2 vote in the Senate. He had finessed the clemency of the FALN terrorists from Puerto Rico after talking only to proponents and ignoring victims and law enforcement for two years. Congress incensed demanded answers; Clinton invoked executive privilege; and the Puerto Rican constituency was assured for Hillary seeking election to the Senate.

Next with Janet Reno ill, Holder finessed a pardon for Marc Rich (who died last month), a major tax evader still a fugitive on the lam. For that Holder was hauled before a congressional hearing where his actions were described as “unconscionable.”

What would have happened if Janet Reno had not been ill? There is no Rich pardon. The Israelis such as Ehud Barak pushing it would have switched to Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy, whose release had been promised to Netanyahu by Clinton two years earlier. From Holder then as now you don’t get Pollard.

I’m not going into the unending list of scandals Holder has been involved in since his appointment as attorney general under Obama. But in his Fast and Furious gun-running program to criminals he’s created a personal My Lai; there are 211 victims so far and there are still many bullets to come. Like Clinton Obama had to invoke executive privilege to protect Holder. He then became the first cabinet member in US history to be voted in contempt of Congress for stonewalling. His indifference to providing information on how border patrol agent Brian Terry was killed, and his indifference to the anguish of the family, contrasts sharply with the ocean of crocodile tears he has shed publicly on behalf of Trayvon Martin.

Perhaps the greatest failure of Holder will only be ferreted out by historians or even anthropologists still trying to measure it a century from now. In 2008 there was a major financial crisis in which tons of money was stolen. Holder decided not to allocate resources to bring some of the crooks, many of the biggest in history, to justice. These are donors to the Democratic Party it appears. His excuse stated this year is that charges could threaten the existence of big banks and the world economy. He has personal ties to one corporation benefitting from immunity. Prosecutions of white collar criminals working in financial institutions are at a 20-year low.

You can’t tell me that with the ease technological advances have made for stealing in financial institutions compared to 20 years ago that there are fewer crimes being committed in that sector.

This is the kind of guy Holder is. Unconscionable. Slime. He is letting a crime wave of monumental proportions go without response and concentrating on persecuting George Zimmerman so like Mussolini he can stand on a balcony and bask in the adoration of the mob. What does this mean to the Jews? Probably nothing. But he’s thrown in his lot with the Black Panthers who are out on the streets rioting trying to portray Zimmerman as a Jew and stirring up racial hatreds in general. Genies once they are out of the bottle sometimes take on a life of their own.

About the Author
Dov Ivry is from the Maritimes in Canada, born in Nova Scotia, raised in New Brunswick. He worked as a journalist there for 20 years with a one-year stop at the Gazette in Montreal. He's been hanging out in Israel for 36 years, doing this and that, and managed to produce 66 books.