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Zionism 2.0: Themes and Proposals for Reshaping World Civilization

Zionism 2.0-Themes and Proposals

At Basel I founded the Jewish State. If I said this
out loud today I would be greeted by universal laughter.
In five years perhaps and certainly in fifty years everyone
will perceive it. — Theodore Herzl (September 3, 1897)

This “Blog Zionism 2.0: Themes and Proposals” seeks to nurture and reinvigorate the Zionist project. It aims to elaborate nothing less than a new Zionist conception, a bold, imaginative and energetic vision that will inspire the Jewish people and hundreds of millions of other people around the world. And just as Theodore Herzl presciently predicted in 1896 that there would be a Jewish State in 50 years, so are we planning a similarly ambitious horizon. Our 50-year time frame envisions Israel safe and secure within deep and defensible borders, and militarily unassailable. We estimate that by that time (2075), Israel will encompass a 10-trillion-dollar supranational economy with a Jewish majority population of 20 million people. 

These fully achievable economic figures would entail a 6 percent annual compound rate of growth with a twelve-year doubling rate. Current natural growth rates will yield the expressed population figures. These goals are entirely feasible, practical, and far less politically complex and fraught than the 1948 establishment of Israel and all that has been achieved economically, demographically, and socially in the intervening 75 years. 

We assert that Israel in 2075 will be utterly unsurpassed in its scientific and technological capacities. The re-energized community and supporters of this program will set out to make Israel the world’s leading center in biomedicine and healthcare, for drug discovery and the treatment and amelioration of disease in keeping with deeply-held Jewish values. Suffused with the moral compassion that is implicit in the Hebraic texts, Israel will seek to uplift life and to  mend the world as is traditionally expressed by the concept of Tikkun Olam. Our perspective stems from the same original Zionist vision that inspired Theodore Herzl, Chaim Weizmann, and David Ben Gurion and countless others who preceded them. A vision that sees Israel as biblical prophecy declares in Isaiah 42.6 that it shall be “a light unto the nations” and a “light” onto which other “nations shall walk” 

Our plan is to develop Zionism 2.0 by way of specifying, conceptualizing and scoping out unparalleled endeavors and transformative undertakings that will be centered and anchored within Israel. We wish to see the development of new institutions and instrumentalities that will unlock the vast potentialities and creativity of the world’s eight billion denizens. Our objective is to open up and create, perforce, new opportunities and possibilities for people everywhere. 

Zionism 2.0 envisions projects spanning every conceivable field and technical discipline—from advanced manufacturing, robotics, agriculture, alternative and solar energy, communications, pharmaceuticals, medical instrumentation, computing, artificial intelligence, health and medicine, to new modalities of transportation, advanced materials, new forms of human habitation and shelter, to space-based systems and exploration. It is our goal to launch from Israel new decentralized economic and financial structures that will enhance global stability and worldwide social and economic liberty. Furthermore, we aim to spare no effort in continuing to develop Israel and Tel Aviv as the global epicenter of high technology and venture finance. 

Israel will be cemented not just as the foremost center for biomedical research and development in the world; but Hebrew itself will become the ‘lingua franca’ of medicine. We will strive to give the Hebrew language a global vocation, and to achieve this lofty goal not by fiat but by dint of painstaking discovery, invention, and pioneering efforts. 

To facilitate this National medical research priority and ‘linguistic’ goal we propose setting up an NIH scale R&D medical fund, with an endowment of no less than 100 billion USD. Our plan is to galvanize philanthropy within world Jewry to this end. The pressing objective is to develop our proposed Zionism 2.0 projects not as hypothetical constructs, thought problems and scenario-making exercises, but as feasible and attainable practical projects to which the most talented, brilliant and ambitious people amongst us can be attached. And finally, we envision  bringing our own businesses, ventures, wealth, investments, artistic work, inventions and dreams home to Israel, and encourage our friends and allies to do likewise. All this activity will culminate in an unsurpassed number of undertakings, and collectively they will represent the apotheosis and zenith of Jewish achievement and aspirations. 

Herzl’s Zionist project has been one of the most successful and extraordinary undertakings of the post-World War II era. The achievements of the Zionist project cannot be quickly summarized. They are manifold. Demographically Israel now has a rate of natural population growth and a birth rate that exceeds that of any other major democratic Nations. This growth rate stands in contradistinction to the declining Jewish birthrate in all other countries. Israel has succeeded in building a number of world class universities and hospitals. Signally, one must cite the astonishing resurrection of the Hebrew language, now spoken by almost nine million people, and from which has arisen a vital modern tongue. Modern Hebrew has nurtured a rich literature, magnificent and diverse music, and many other types of cultural production. 

Israel has built high-speed railways, highways and national waterworks—all part of an extensive national infrastructure. The country’s developments in agriculture and food production are known worldwide, as are Israel’s innovations in drip irrigation, water conservation and desalination. The country now produces a surplus supply of water in one of the most parched and water-constrained areas of the world. Silicon Wadi, the designation for Tel Aviv’s tech scene, is one of the world’s foremost centers for high-technology startups. The country has produced numerous inventions and medical discoveries, including the drugs Copaxone for treating multiple sclerosis, Aziled for treating Parkinson’s Disease, and many others. The country has produced a raft of Nobel prize winners in recent years: Ada Yonath for the protein and atomic description of the Ribosome cellular organelle; Dan Shechtman for quasicrystals; Daniel Kahneman for pioneering insights into behavioral economics; and Israel Aumann for path-breaking work in game theory. 

Israel has had one of the fastest growing economies of the post-WWII era, with a GNP that is now approaching 500 billion dollars. Israel’s per capita income now exceeds that of many European countries. Most impressively, the country has built up the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as a formidable military force that positions the country amongst the top fifteen military powers in the world. Israel’s Air Force ranks amongst the very best. Israel has accomplished all of these feats while fighting continuous wars, and dealing with unrelenting and sustained terrorism within and without.  

These achievements are unparalleled historically. In light of these achievements, the malicious attacks, and the vicious impugning and disparagement of the Zionist movement, particularly since the massacres of October 7, 2023, represent an unconscionable slander and assault on our national project. The ferocity of this attack and the blood libels, canards, and insults that have been thrown at Israel and Zionism demand an energetic reply. It is incumbent on lovers of Zion and Israel to challenge these unprovoked attacks and to redouble our constructive efforts.  It is our plan to inject Zionism with new energy that draws inspiration from bold projects and undertakings that we intend to outline and develop. It’s crucial to heighten our ideological zeal just at the very moment when we are being most violently assailed. This must be our reply to those that denigrate our national movement. This reply will be formidable and it will be carried forward with unceasing determination and commitment. We welcome participants and supporters wherever they may be to join us, and help share in implementing these plans and proposals.  

As a matter of personal disclosure, I would have rather written this blog anonymously or pseudonymously. Seeking anonymity in these circumstances, as convenient as that might be, seems in these current circumstances to be cowardly, or perhaps falsely modest. One might ask, Why write up these proposals on a blog rather than use some other venue or media? In my view, The Times of Israel forum is as good and possibly better than any other alternative. I would apply here Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous adage and operative principle that whoever makes a better mousetrap will see the world beat a path to his door. The extended version of that aphorism states more appropriately that “if a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mousetrap, then his neighbor, though he has built his house in the woods, will see the world beat a path to his door.” Those who are interested in Zionism, the security, and future of Israel and her people will find “this house in the woods.” We will outline our plan over the next few dozen entries in the coming year, extending this work to 2025.

Why write out this plan, and why write it out now, as I have been pointedly asked? Karl Kraus, the Viennese fin-de-siecle essayist and literary savant, wrote: “Those individuals write who do not have the courage not to write.” I’ve lost the courage, admittedly, not to write at this point. We are at a moment or juncture in Jewish history of tremendous peril and danger. A threat like no other confronts Israel and the world’s small, highly exposed and vulnerable Jewish population. This is a population that has been greatly ravaged and diminished by the Nazi onslaught just eighty years ago. We are facing a situation of profound hazard and jeopardy; only the boldest and most imaginative efforts can stave off a catastrophe which is currently in the making. 

There are few parallels to the shocking events that transpired since October 7, 2023. What we have witnessed in this short period of time is tantamount and equivalent to condensing the Dreyfus Affair, the 1903 Kishinev Pogrom, and all of the events between 1933 and 1938, a period that encompasses Hitler’s rise to power, the Nuremberg Laws, and the mass attacks of Kristallnacht in November of 1938. We could also add here some of the more gruesome aspects of the Holocaust. Indeed the massacres of October 7th constitute a mini-holocaust in their savagery and cruelty. The portents and dangers that we now face are as real and grave as those we faced in the Holocaust. In fact, what happened between 1939 and 1945 can now be enacted over a much shorter period of time with even less possibility of escape or survival. 

Israel is currently under attack by a genocidal death cult that has militarized and built a subterranean fortress that encompasses the entire 500-square kilometers of the Gaza statelet. Israel is facing unmistakably dangerous, duplicitous, and treacherous foes on its Southern, Northern, and Eastern flanks. Furthermore, the country is facing a hostile region ruled by illegitimate and unstable regimes whose ultimate military intentions need to be questioned and doubted. Iran, first and foremost, has combined its nuclear program and ambitions with an underground tunnel framework that borrows from Hamas and Hezbollah. Iran’s nuclear program poses an immediate and present danger!

These threats are existential and they are being accelerated and emboldened by a massive global tsunami of algorithmically generated hatred and antisemitism that is unprecedented in volume and intensity. The prevalence, virulence, and intensity of the anti-Zionism and antisemitism that has been exposed over the last two months beggars belief. It is simply astonishing that the horrific massacre of innocent civilians on October 7th would produce the exact opposite reactions of what one would expect. What we’ve been witnessing is an upwelling from a submerged, primeval, and hidden depth of atavistic hatred; it’s a volcanic explosion of animosity, anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism the likes of which has not been witnessed since the Nazi era. The volume of the braying crowds is equally unprecedented. 

We read, for reasons of comparison, in Theodore Herzl’s diaries, in the late 1890s, of crowds of 1,000 or so in Paris, 4,000 in Marseille, 3,000 in Bordeaux, and 10,000 in Algiers gathering on the so-called “longest day of the Dreyfus Affair.” That day was January 13th, 1898, when Emile Zola published his famous J’Accuse letter to the President of the French Republic. Herzl felt a fury and a hatred within these crowds the likes of which he had never experienced. It shattered his confidence in the European project of tolerance and comity. How can we compare these sedate crowds in numbers and slogans to what we are witnessing today? The Dreyfus Affair, barely talked about or understood today, excepting Roman Polanski’s recent film “An Officer and a Spy,” is monumentally important not only for the effect it had on Herzl as a young Viennese Neue Freie Presse correspondent, but also in its eerie modernity and foreshadowing of the horror that was to follow. With the Dreyfus trial and its hysterical public reaction, we can espy the first example of the power and danger of political anti-Semitism. We can also see very clearly here, in a microcosm of sorts, the dangers of the ‘media’—and more specifically, the power of newspapers and the printing press to foment and shape animosities and hatreds. 

There is a direct historical line of development that runs from the journalist and antisemite, Edouard Drumont, the founder of the Antisemitic League of France and his newspaper La Libre Parole, to Julius Streicher’s Dur Sturmer, Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent, and to Hitler, the Nuremberg Laws and the final destination of the concentration and death camps. 

The calls of “Deaths to the Jews” by mobs on the streets of Paris in 1898 was sufficient to prompt a profound crisis of self-identity in the deeply assimilated Herzl. This crisis was serious enough for Herzl to question all of his European and cosmopolitan presumptions. The anti-Semitism that the Dreyfus trial released caused Herzl to reassess his entire life as an assimilated, acculturated fin-de-siecle bon vivant, and to abandon his chosen and assiduously cultivated vocation as an aspiring playwright and celebrated feuilletonist. What Herzl perceived was sufficient for him to intuit the coming deluge. From his writing it is clear that he foresaw the national destruction of the Jewish people and he desperately embarked on his seemingly quixotic and impossible effort to found the Jewish state singlehandedly. The Zionist project, which he launched with tremendous gusto and personal flamboyance, was an undertaking that would exhaust him in just a few years and end his life at the early age of 44. It takes no great powers of clairvoyance to perceive the dangers of the current crisis. What Herzlian epiphanies, we need to ask, will arise in people of equal stature from what we are currently witnessing? 

The Jewish people both within Israel and the Diaspora are facing a crisis that is being driven by technological capacities and instrumentalities which we do not fully understand. How does a nine-orders-of-magnitude power shift in communications play out when it intersects with an ancient atavistic hatred? How will trillions upon trillions of antisemitic page views and video feeds affect the impressionable and formative minds of our youth who are on the receiving end of this informational juggernaut. These developments are overlapping at the same time with demographic changes: population shifts that are being driven by the cross-border movement of tens of millions of people from the global south to the north. Many of today’s immigrants are importing along with them dangerous religious ideologies, prejudices, and resentments. The threat here is not only to Israel but to all of the other Western democracies. 

We have now witnessed week after week, the spectacle of globally assembled crowds in the tens of millions, possibly hundreds of millions. These rallies have taken place everywhere: London, New York City, Los Angeles, Jakarta, Istanbul, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, London, Washington, Amman, Toronto, Chicago, Rome, Barcelona and in dozens of other cities. Nothing on this scale has ever been witnessed. What is it all about? The crowds seem more motivated by anti-Zionism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Western sentiments than by any sympathy for the Palestinians. If it was motivated by true sympathy of any kind for Palestinians we should have seen some protests, at the very least, with the destruction of the Yarmouk Refugee district in 2013 by the Assad regime in Syria.

With a population of 125,000 people crammed into two square miles in central Damascus, Yarmouk was more densely populated than Gaza City.  Yarmouk was mercilessly leveled and depopulated. Nor were there protests of any sort with the wholesale shelling, bombing, and destruction of Aleppo by the Syrians and Russians. With its population of 2.5 million and a density of 28,000 people per square mile, Aleppo is more populous than all of Gaza. No foreign aid of any kind was available to the people of Aleppo, unlike Gaza. The hideous Syrian Caesar torture files with their large number of Palestinian victims have been completely ignored. Mention could also be made of the expulsion of the entire Palestinian community from Kuwait during the Gulf War. The street was silent in the face of these terrible crimes. We could reach back further, of course, to the destruction and expulsion of the PLO and the Palestinians refugee camps in Jordan during the Black September events in 1971. None of these events have produced any vocal protests or marches anywhere. Nor have the dozens of other contemporaneous genocides and forced starvations and civil wars raging around the world. 

These gigantic anti-Israel parades with their chanting, shouting and barely repressed violence are at the point of boiling over into outright murder and pogroms. It is only a matter of months before they cross over into mayhem and riots on the streets of our major cities. With the choreographed chants and cries calling for the death and annihilation of Jewish people, we are left shuttering and frightened. The background chorus to these riots is the never-ending repeated slogan, “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.” The slogan is an undisguised call for Israel’s destruction, its haunting echo shouted and repeated by thousands of seemingly energized and ecstatic crowds. The chant feels like nothing more than an epitaph for Jewry and its diaspora as we know it. 

This and many other coded and none-too-disguised threats are digitally ricocheting around the world with murderous and eliminationist intentions. Rather than receiving some sympathy at the slaughter of the unarmed rave-goers and innocent kibbutz residents, we have been surprised to find rather braying crowds gleefully celebrating these atrocities. A massacre of innocents that should have elicited empathy and compassion has had the opposite effect of producing physical and verbal taunts, insults, threats, as well as vandalism and riotous rampages in cities across the world. 

The catenation of factors that are involved in this bizarre upside-down reaction are difficult to tease apart. What we are witnessing presently is something utterly new: a transmogrification of anti-Semitism into an essentially new genus or species that has significant implications for society, and how we can continue to live safely in our open and democratic societies. For Jewish people the events are pregnant with ominous portents and warnings. Anti-Semitic memes, canards, caricatures, paranoid Protocol of the Elders type inspired conspiracies, slanders, vile screeds, outright blood libels, twisted and pornographic Der Sturmer inspired imagery, and endlessly fabricated videos and Tiktok mashups of all kinds.

Data packets are zapped through fiber optical cables at the speed of light to billions of smart phone-enabled and receptive individuals. Social media feeds are then optimized and pre-selected to reinforce ingrained prejudices, amplifying the original media through a constantly tendered carousel of imagery and video. Hatred feeds on hatred in a vicious self-reinforcing feedback loop. Anti-Semitism has now intersected at the speed of light with the communications revolution. It is, needless to say, but entirely relevant that this scientific and intellectual revolution— nay, the entire technological singularity—is largely a product of Jewish intellectual genius and entrepreneurial talent. 

The implications of the staggering drop in the cost of communications by nine orders of magnitude are profound for both the good of the world, and apparently, the bad of the world. The inflexible and inelastic costs of communications represents one of the fundamental and immovable hard constants that constrains economics, human possibility, and our world system. It could be said without any hyperbole that this communication ‘constant’ is the limiting factor of our evolution and evolutionary possibilities as a species. 

For millennia the cost of communications increased barely at all and then only incrementally. The cost of delivering a letter in 1000 BCE and in the year 1800 CE barely changed over a time period of 2,800 years. All of human social existence has been locked into this hard, intransigent reality. Innovations and improvements in communications technology have only occurred in the low single digits from century to century. Passenger pigeons proved decisive in bringing the news of the Battle of Waterloo back to the stock markets in London in 1815—hardly a model, however, of technological wizardry and ingenuity. However, what has happened in the last three quarters of a century, in an exceedingly short period of time, is simply staggering and utterly transformative. We have barely begun to grasp the full implications of this transition. In fact, we have no conceptually ready means at hand to grasp the economic or social implications of a 9 orders of magnitude decrease in a fundamental constraining factor of production, and economic and evolutionary existence. It is a drop in a basic factor of production that registers not at an industrial level, but at a supra civilizational level. It is an event that is arguably epochal in its importance and ramifications. 

This ‘phase’ shift is an event that will be recorded in the history books, as will its inventors and facilitators. And it is something that is happening in our own privileged times. Consequently, it is very hard for us to perceive, never mind to parse and grasp. Utilized to positive human ends, this drop in the cost of communications can produce an unprecedented efflorescence of culture and economics, putting instantaneously the entire store of human knowledge at the disposal of the entire world. 

This drop in cost vastly reduces barriers to human cultural and economic production. Practically free communications now link everybody to everybody. The smartphone has become a ubiquitous universal appliance. There are 6.4 billion cell phones in the world, and this number will reach 7.7 billion by 2028, yielding an almost 1:1 ratio of smart phones to the global population. The growth of social media is equally astonishing. Fifty-five point eight (55.8) percent of the world’s population uses social media, spending 4 trillion hours of their waking hours so absorbed! YouTube users view more than 1 billion hours of video daily. Tiktok, the fastest growing social media app, has 1.6 billion viewers. These platforms indubitably offer the possibility to reshape reality and how we understand our world. 

It is utterly terrifying in a dystopian sort of way that the world’s oldest hatred would fuse with a positive feedback loop, that is seemingly paving the way for a Moore’s Law accelerated worldwide pogrom. It is ironic in the extreme that Jewish theorists, scientists, and inventors who have played such an outsized role in heralding this technological singularity, would live to see it all turned to evil purposes. The communications revolution constitutes a technological singularity in Von Neumann’s and Ray Kurzweil’s sense of this concept. One could also call it an Omega point, in Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s terminology. 

Jewish theorists and inventors have been the wizards who have brought the world to this point of the evolutionary unknown. Four of the five individuals generally credited with the invention of the Internet were Jewish—specifically, Leonard Kleinrock, Paul Baran, Vinton Cerf, Robert Kahn and Donald Davies, the Welsh computer scientist. Joel Engel, another Jewish theorist and technical giant, developed the basic cellular telephone network architecture. Irwin Jacobs and Andrew Viterbi, the founders of the multinational semiconductor company Qualcomm, developed the CDMA cellular communications standard. The latter’s coding system rests remarkably on the co-invention of spread spectrum technologies by the great beauty and Jewish Golden Age Hollywood Star Hedy Lamarr. The model for both Disney’s Snow White and DC’s Catwoman, Hedy Lamarr who reputedly had an IQ of 150, could arguably be credited with being the progenitor of WiFi, GPS and the cellular phone. 

The reigning technological genius of our technological epoch is the Jewish Hungarian polymath John von Neumann, the inventor of the logical design and architecture of the computer itself. The von Neumann architecture is an invention at the near cosmic level of the Mosaic-Paleo-Hebraic alphabet, in that it is essentially auto-catalytic; the mechanism or device transforms itself (by itself)  by an extraordinary and mysterious convolutional logic. The DNA molecule, the basis of all evolution and life, has been theorized as having had something of this autocatalytic quality, with the RNA world self-catalyzing the DNA world, allowing inorganic matter to give rise to living matter. John von Neumann’s paper, “A Preliminary Discussion of the Logical Design of an Electronic Computing Instrument,” is not only the most influential paper in Computer Science; it is the most important machine specification and description in all of human history. 

The contributions of Jewish people to the communication revolution are exhaustive and comprehensive. They touch on every single development of consequence. One could mention amongst hundreds individuals Amos Joel, the Kyoto Prize winning inventor of the electronically switched telephone network. It is a signal invention that some have described as the most important and most economically valuable invention of the 20th century. The list of contributors and inventors could be enumerated further, but it would take a dozen encyclopedia volumes to describe the importance of all of the relevant and collateral inventions and spin-off products and their economic impact. Jewish computer scientists have won 30% of the Turing Awards, one third of the Claude Shannon Awards in Information Theory, and comprise 40 percent of the winners of the Kurt Godel Prize in Theoretical Computer Science. These extraordinary achievements and the protean individuals who gave rise to them are not mentioned for reasons of overweening pride or self-aggrandizement, but rather for the sake of showcasing the ‘landscape’ of Jewish talent and genius with respect to our plans for Zionism 2.0.

The pool of prospective talent and Jewish genius that can be assembled for the projects being anticipated are important and potentially pivotal to their feasibility and success. Some Zionism 2.0 projects that we are considering and debating will require engineering and theoretical breakthroughs. 

It can be said unreservedly that the Jewish people constitute a reservoir of great intellectual talent and inventive ability. This talent reservoir is an ‘asset’ of the whole world. The effect of the Holocaust has been to greatly impair human possibilities. Many avenues of invention have been foreclosed and made inaccessible by the murder of a large proportion of the world’s most gifted people. The Holocaust did not only destroy European Jewry as a vibrant people and as a Civilization ; it permanently damaged the human species and our total evolutionary possibilities. This is an argument that George Gilder strongly voiced in his brilliant book, The Israel Test: Why the World’s Most Besieged State is a Beacon of Freedom and Hope for the World Economy.  

Zionism 2.0 is undergirded by philosopher Moses Hess’s view, put forward in his 1862 magnum opus, Rome and Jerusalem: The Last National Question. It was Moses Hess who explained to Karl Marx the value of flipping Hegel’s dialectic on its head, and thereby setting Marx off on his world-altering intellectual journey. Hess also outlined coherently a modern political conception of Zionism in his book a generation before Theodore Herzl embarked on his project. It was Hess’s deepest held conviction that a singular and unmatched concentration of genius and talent would gather in the Holy Land under the flag of a new modern nation. He saw it as a conclave of talent and vision that would transform human history. It was Moses Hess’s view that this concentration of people could not and would not be found anywhere else in the world at any other time. I share this same conviction. Consequently, I view the study and sociology of Jewish talent and invention to be germane to our discussion and plans. I intend to study and write about this ‘landscape’ of Jewish talent and invention in subsequent blog entries. 

Invention and discovery is also crucially important for other reasons: invention grants entry into the family of nations. Single great inventions and market successes, control over a key commodity or resource, have given rise to great nations and even empires. Invention and discovery confers privileges and grants warrants. Invention, discovery, and economic innovation is a qualifying condition and a prerequisite for national independence. We do not diminish or timidly deny the astonishing extent of Jewish inventions, contributions and our gifts to the world, but rather openly celebrate them. 

These discoveries and breakthroughs are benefactions. They bolster our natural and historical birthrights in Israel. Extraordinary innovations in the vitreous arts, dyes, and metallurgy were as much the basis of Judean independence and national existence as any other factor.  (Judean glass and glass making remained a Jewish monopoly for almost two thousand years, as did the trade in the precious dyes of porphyria and tekhelet). And we say very clearly and assertively to those who wish to challenge our birthrights and national title, or question any of our privileges to demonstrate similar discoveries, inventions, and contributions. As Warner Sombart, the great sociologist and historian of Capitalism averred: “Israel passes over Europe like the Sun; at its coming new life bursts forth; and at its going all falls into decay.”

We are self-consciously aware that the subversion of these technological inventions to evil and malign purposes represents an existential threat to humanity. Just as in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, where Jewish entrepreneurs, financiers and industrialists made outsized contributions to the building of the major European rail networks and the founding of many of the great chemical companies, such Agfa, Hoechst, BASF, Degussa and others, only to see these industries and inventions confiscated, stolen and used to destroy and ravage our people, we see the same countervailing and destructive forces of theft, misappropriation and confiscation at work now in a different sphere. We will develop the new proposed projects of Zionism 2.0 behind our own walls, within our own heavily armed and defended borders, and with our own great well and reservoir of talent.

The themes and proposals briefly outlined and touched upon in this post will be further explored and elaborated in upcoming blogs that will be published every other week. To those who think that we will allow ourselves to be trapped and killed in the tunnels of Gaza, or watch our gentle Kibbutzim and farmers get murdered in their own bedrooms, or see our young beautiful revelers at a music party get slaughtered while they await daybreak, be warned. A new ingathering will come home with force and power, with knowledge and technical capacities, immense abilities and genius, ambitions and know-how, experience and inventive prowess, as well as with untold wealth, plans, and understandings, cultivated and gathered from the four corners of the earth. And let it be known that the land of Israel will be blessed and sanctified. Israel will be a beacon and a light to the whole world. It will prosper and live. 

“If you will it, it is no dream”  — Theodore Herzl

Dedicated to the nine troops of the Golani Brigade, Air Force Unit 669 that bravely lost their lives defending Israel on the 12th of December, 2023.

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Adrian Stein is the Founder and CEO of Type 1 Enterprise Inc and its associated companies. He has contributed the core philosophical, conceptual and intellectual elements to the company's industrial schema and its related ecosystem. The company is developing a new type of economic institution which it has dubbed the "Universal Von Neumann Constructor and Tool Facility".Mr Stein has been energetically involved in myriad technological undertakings, projects and startups. During the 1990s he privately financed, staffed and organized his own research and scientific laboratory. Mr Stein has maintained a long standing consultancy in the area of emerging information technologies and was actively involved in scientific and medical publishing founding a number of firms.
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