Argentine Foreign Minister,Hector Timerman, has demonstrably and
“irrevocably” excommunicated himself from the AMIA – Argentina’s
premiere Jewish welfare, education and burial society – demolished by
an Iranian Jihadist bomb in 1994, leaving 85 dead and 300 wounded.

By this personal act, he has rejected his Jewish education values and destiny —  among them burial in a Jewish cemetery — and has, apparently, abandoned the Argentine victims of this Tehran-sponsored aggression.

By publicly announcing this action and reportedly charging the AMIA
with obstructing Argentine national interests — in other words treason
—  it could be argued that he has exposed Argentina, once again, to
grave threats from reactivated Iran-sponsored Hezbollah sleeper cells
on Argentine soil, as were identified by the commonly presumed
slain AMIA Prosecutor, Alberto Nisman.

Timerman has now invidiously compared himself with the Zionist
champion and visionary, Theodor Herzl.

Herzl sacrificed himself in defence of the Jewish people and is buried
among them in Jerusalem.