All day yesterday, I had the association of how in Florida, when they know a hurricane is about to hit, people hammer up their windows with wood to prepare for the storm.

And now, as the new dawn rises, I tally up the information I amassed:

  • 25 fires yesterday, alone…..
  • Israeli Air Force doing training for bombing missions in Gaza…..
  • IAF dropping leaflets over Gaza warning Gazans NOT to go to the fence.
  • Hamas calling upon more Gazans than ever to join violent protests at the fence, on the last Friday of Ramadan……
  • Reports of fence protesters planning to wear concentration camp pajamas…
  • People close to me taking the weekend off to get away…
  • People asking if we’ve closed our saferoom windows….
  • Estimates from the news that Hamas are preparing to launch rockets deep into Israel, in response to casualties incurred by their use of civilians as human shields….

This is no act of God.
This is no hurricane.
This is something that can be prevented.

Everyone says that neither of the sides want a war… so why do I feel as if I am in the eye of a storm that is accelerating towards us?

Where are my leaders and what is my government doing to prevent this man-made storm from hitting before it is too late?

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