Robert Scoble travels a lot.

I mean a whole lot.

He was just in Israel, coming from London, now en route to Australia, then to Korea and then home for a short while.

When you travel the world, you get a bird’s eye view of trends, people, and innovation.

As Entrepreneur in Residence for Upload VR, he’s traveling the world to gain insights and understand the beginnings of the new world of spatial computing.

He looks to the military in Israel as a source for not only the innovation, but the culture that it breeds with a tolerance of risk, getting things done in an efficient and creative manner, and going on to an entrepreneurial venture after the completion of your army service.

When you mix into the expertise in cybersecurity, sensors, semiconductors, optics, healthcare, and the more than 300 innovation centers from the likes of Intel, Cisco, IBM, Apple, Samsung, GE, Google, Facebook, HP, and Qualcomm, and world class universities such as Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University, and Ben Gurion University of the Negev, there’s this perfect storm of innovation that starts and grows here.

Robert and his co-author, Shel Israel​, are working on a new book, “Beyond Mobile,” which is centered on the spatial computing world.