Half-way in between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, lies the planned city of Modi’in.

While ideal for families,there was a huge opportunity for a place for startups,service providers and tech professionals to work and grow their businesses from.

Enter MESH- The Mod’in Startup Hub, co-founded by Elisha Kuchar, Moshe Porat and Aaron Zucker.

An opportunity arose to take over part of what was the former headquarters of OfficeDepot and they decided to lease 5,000 square feet of space asa start.

Hoping to give the idea six months to see if they could verify their belief that startups and professional service providers from the area would want to call MESH their home, they quickly were overwhelmed with requests.

Now, going forward, they are taking over most of the space,with plans to build out close to 10,000 square feet not only with offices and meeting space,but spaces and a cool environment to chill, play ping-pong, and allow for random connections and engagement that makes the magic of collaborative workspaces like MESH so special.