As American Secretary of State John Kerry encourages the possibility of a Third Intifada against Israel, and media worldwide continues to claim that rock-throwing is non-violent, Israelis continue to be injured from Palestinian Arab rock throwers. As this video reminds us Rocks Kill People.

And long after media attention fades, families have to deal with the consequences. A fundraising drive commences today for Adele Biton, the 3 year old Israeli girl who was nearly killed by Palestinian Arab rock-throwers, and whose family is in need of medical accommodations and equipment. She now requires a wheelchair accessible house and regular medical attention from professionals. They need funds to rebuild their lives, and are holding a fundraiser today in conjunction with the OneFamily organization in order to raise funds to assist the family.  Anyone interested can contact for more information.

It should be noted that American border patrol police “consider rock-throwing to be deadly force which sometimes demands the same in response.” Throwing rocks is violent behavior – and protection from rocks is vital.

Let us hope and pray that this little girl makes a full recovery.