אגם or سلسبيل ?! HOPE !

Agam or Salsabeel? Both! Because hope is undividable. Because peace is for all. Because when HUMANS talk, rifles must be muted.

In this post I am very cautiously optimistic. Three or maybe four beams of hope that will inevitably intensify and possibly bring salvation to this bleeding region.

It was dark here in the Middle East before the Hamas terror attack on October 7th 2023, and after it, this region is very dark.

The current Israeli government finds a huge opportunity in this war for its own survival and objectives of the far right of Israel, that all of it is racist and fascist. There is a great deal of disinformation and arrogance in the Israeli army behavior towards the Israeli society. Netanyahu and his fascist partners are leading Israel into long attrition war because this is the only way of survival for this regime. This government is refusing to even discuss any peaceful form of the “day after”.

The fascist racist government is in a frenzy of devouring all national resources and appointing their people in all key roles. The war is the smoke screen of the unbelievably aggressive actions by the settlers supported by the government, which ultimately resulting the death of the slightest chance of future peace.

It is dark because the brutality of Hamas is exposed and it is really hard for a human mind to conceive it: sexual aggression on October 7th 2023 is horrifying. The darkness is intensified by American Nazis who want to kill all Palestinians. And the present racist fascist government of Israel is utilizing this darkness and allows unthinkable racism to flourish. Otherwise, there is no explanation to creating a national guard against Arab citizens, that were and are fully loyal to Israel. There is no way to understand the racist filthy attack against Arab physicians accusing them of killing Jews, while they were praised for their devoted work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Melancholy in the Israeli society is overwhelming. A school manager in Tel Aviv was almost fired because she dared mentioning the suffering of Gazan. For the racist fascist government of Israel there are no humans on the other side. The future is dim, and even war survivors are not always happy: “it is possible to rescue the body but not the soul”.

And despite of all this, here are the three hopes.

First, please view the interview with freed Israeli captives, Agam (the teenager) and her mother Chen. In my humble understanding, this interview summarizes the possible different future of Israel and Palestine. These mother, daughter and two younger sons were kidnapped by the terror organization of Hamas during the brutal attack of October 7th 2023. There captivity experience reveals beyond any doubt: when humans talk, they find a way to collaborate even in worst conditions, and make no mistake, this family should not been there in the first place. Their captivity in Gaza resulted from a brutal terror attack. At some point, the relations reached a HUMAN level where there were arm wrestling, talk about marriage and teaching the kids some games by the two captors. Now watch the whole interview and please pay attention to the Chen saying that the attackers said that they will return, and Agam promised to cook for them. I hope that this exactly what will happen: they will visit as guests. Notice that Chen says that no matter how hard Israel will strike Gaza, Gazans will not kneel.

Second, the Supreme Court (BAGATZ) practically destroyed Netanyahu’s judicial coup, and this means that the process of converting Israel to dictatorship is hopefully dead.

Third the killing of Hamas mega-terrorist Arouri, is a blessed action. This should have been done long before October 7th 2023 attack. All Hamas leaders must be killed, not thousands of Gazan children.

Finally, I also found this heart touching: Hamas Israeli captive Mia Leimberg, 17 yo, and her dog Bella, safely returned after two months in captivity. The fact that Mia’s captors allowed her keep Bella say it all: when HUMANS communicate, rifles must be muted.

About the Author
Dr Abed L. Azab was born and lives now with his family in A’ra, Israel. He completed his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is an educator, teacher, social activist and column writer.
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