1 Week Left — Let Your Voice Be Heard

As the vote in Congress regarding the announced Iran Nuclear Deal rapidly approaches, as a constituent, a future parent, and someone who read the actual agreement, I am concerned about the future of our children, the security of the United States, and of our closest ally in the Middle East — Israel. I am not going to go into great detail about the agreement regarding the pros and cons, however, in short, Iran gets a lot more than the West wanted to give originally, and Iran gets enough uranium for a nuclear bomb at some point within the next 15 years. We all agree upon that — no questions asked. This piece is for listeners that realize that the P5+1 should not tie a deal with a country that screams out on their TV’s: “ Death to America, Death to Israel” and who also realize that once this agreement is signed, the UN is not allowed to talk about this deal in the upcoming years. (JCPOA, Preamble and General Provisions, XIV)

I’ve asked myself how I can make a difference, and make my voice heard. Well, here are a few options I continue to do, and encourage you to do as well:

1) As a high school student, I have the opportunity to face students, parents, alumni, and administration. School is about to begin, and orientation is a must. Ask the administration if you could speak for 7-10 minutes, explaining to them the key issues with the deal, why they as students should care, and what they should do in the coming days. Have a letter designed for your Congressional Representatives letting them know that you, as their constituent, won’t stand for a bad deal.

2) Each constituent has the opportunity to contact his or her individual Representative. Members of Congress (MOC) love to hear from their constituents. They even keep a tally of what their constituents call in about. The best way to do this is the old-fashioned way — calling in. When a phone rings in the office, someone has to pick up- that is a listener. If many people call the office, this means many people in the office must answer the phones. If you keep doing this, the office will understand what their constituents want, and so, too, will the Representative! (

3) The easiest thing to do is to send an email today! There is someone in each office that is in charge of answering emails, and tallying them. The more emails they receive, the bigger the tally will be — and the Representative will get the message. (

4) Lastly, Social Media. Everyone has an account on some social media platform. Send a message, saying that you oppose this deal, and urge everyone to use one of the links above to contact their MOC.

As someone who is concerned for the future of America, and of our future children and spouses, I hope you will take advantage of one of the 4 choices listed above. By choosing one of these options you are working towards an agreement that will help make the world more peaceful, and secure.

And remember: Representatives represent you, and you won’t stand for a bad deal, but you will stand with Israel.

About the Author
Yoni is a HS activist from NY who loves teaching and promoting Israel with a passion ever since his elementary days, when his older brother was in the IDF, and he helped raise $70,000 for fleece outwear to keep his brother's unit warm.
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