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10 Difficult Questions, 10 Easy Answers

Former Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn (C) joins protesters with placards and flags taking part in the 'National March For Palestine' in central London on November 11, 2023 (HENRY NICHOLLS / AFP)

Since I was an undergraduate student of Arabic and Islam at Rutgers in the early 1990s, I have been studying Palestinian propaganda in the Western media. I watched hundreds of debates and interviews, writing down the questions and coming up with answers. My intention was to write a book about it but I never find the time, so I’m providing some questions and answers to help my fellow Jews and Israel supporters. If you missed my previous piece about this please find it here: Simple Answers to Difficult Questions. The hypocrisy of the world might not change but your confidence in supporting Israel can. 

Question 1: Secretary Anthony Blinken ‘far too many Palestinians have been killed’.

Answer: How many Germans did the Allies have to kill for the Nazis to not come back to power? How many nuclear bombs did the United States have to drop on Japan until they surrendered unconditionally?

Question 2: How can you surround Shifa Hospital and attack underneath it?

Answer: Meaning that a terrorist group that embeds itself in a civilian population should be immune from being attacked?

Question 3: Why are more Palestinians dying than Israelis? That is disproportionate.

Answer: How can you win a war when an equal amount of people die on both sides? If Hamas surrendered unconditionally and returned all of the hostages the war would end today. 

Question 4: Gaza is worse than the Warsaw ghetto. 

Answer: Of the people who escaped from the Warsaw ghetto no one ran to rape and behead babies. 

Question 5: Hamas are freedom fighters who broke through their prison. The Israelis deserve what they got. 

Answer: If you really believe that then Hamas also deserves what it’s getting. 

Question 6: You asked the Gazans in the North to move to the South. There’s no room for them. Where do you expect them to go?

Answer: So many people love and support the people of Gaza. Take them in. Open the border to Egypt. France can take them. Jordan can take them. What about Syria, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia? Europe has plenty of room. There are 22 Arab countries and 50 Muslim countries. Do you really love the people of Gaza or just yourselves?

Question 7: Hamas has the right by international law to militarily resist their oppressors. 

Answer: Hamas has the right by international law to rape, burn, behead and murder innocent civilians? They have the right by international law to kidnap 240 of them?

Question 8: From the River to the Sea Palestine will be free!

Answer: Which part of “Palestine”?

Response: All of it. 

Answer: Meaning you either want to kill all of the people in Israel or expel them?

Question 9: Israel has been committing a decades long genocide against the Palestinians of Gaza. 

Answer: The population of Gaza in 1990 was 645,100. The population of Gaza in 2023 is 2.1 million. A reverse genocide! 

Question 10: The people of Gaza are innocent. They never wanted Hamas. 

Answer: Mahmoud Abbas is in his 19th year of a 4 year term because every Palestinian poll says if Abbas holds an election in the West Bank he will lose to Hamas by a landslide. 

Bonus Question #1: Hamas is an idea. It can’t be destroyed. 

Answer: The Nazis were also an idea and killing millions of them has so far worked very well. 

Bonus Question #2: Anthony Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations “the Hamas attacks didn’t happen in a vacuum.”

Answer: It didn’t happen in a vacuum, it happened in the classroom. Watch the video below:

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