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10 facts Proving Jews Don’t Control the World

During this weekend, I’ve received a lot of anti-Semitic remarks from people all over. Some people, I felt, were really genuine and really wanted to understand others’ points of view. Others, sadly, just loved to hate. I’m angry about how Jews are viewed in the world by people like this. While I think just about all of the remarks that they say about us are complete nonsense…particularly ridiculous is this accusation that we control the world.

So, I decided to write them a list proving the opposite.

If Jews controlled the world:

1) The Holocaust would never have happened. Hitler’s mission was to get rid of the Jewish people, so Europe would stay a pure white race. He blamed Jews for all of Germany’s problems. The concentration camps that he put Jews into eventually killed 6 million Jews and, even today, we still haven’t grown to that number in population.

2)The United States would have had a Jewish president by now. So far, in the United States there hasn’t been any president who’s been Jewish. It would be risky for a Jew to run for president anyway, because if anything went wrong…everybody would blame the Jews.

3) Jewish kids in public school wouldn’t have to ask for permission to leave on Jewish holidays. Speaking from experience as a kid who went to public school, I had to ask for permission to leave on Yom Kippur, or if I had a Saturday detention, they didn’t care that I was Jewish.

4) Neo-Nazis or any other hateful group wouldn’t be able to legally express their hatred towards Jews and encourage the killing of many innocent Jews around the world.

5) Satanic beings like ISIS wouldn’t exist. ISIS is the result of anti-Semitism. They encourage the killing of anyone who isn’t Muslim and doesn’t want to be part of their cult.

6) The richest person in the world would have been Jewish. The richest person in the world isn’t Jewish. His name is Amancio Ortega, definitely not Jewish. (Neither is Bill Gates, who keeps taking the place as richest man in the world as well.)

7) Schools would have taken teaching of the Holocaust seriously. In public school, I can recall that the teaching about the Holocaust was very brief. It was hardly ever mentioned. They didn’t emphasize it at all. Many students believed that the Holocaust never happened. Some thought it happened 300 years ago. You think a Jewish-controlled world would allow that?

8) Places like McDonalds and other famous junk food restaurants, would offer Kosher menus all over the United States.

9) There would have been more of us, we’re only 0.2% of the population.

10) This blog wouldn’t be necessary to write in the first place.

I’m no longer going to fight with those people. Like I said, some of them just love to hate. They go and on with these opinions that they think are facts.

I’m going to focus on more productive things, like saving money for hungry orphans, and not putting my energy on hate.

Have a good week.

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